Elevate your analytics to the next level with unprecedented insights.

AI realizes the analytics needs of the modern business user

Accelerate your teams’ productivity and increase the effectiveness of your investments.

PreSense - AI-powered augmented data analytics


Artificial intelligence unlocks the true power of analytics. Built by digital marketing experts, Adverity PreSense intelligently augments your analytics with precise insights you didn’t know exist.

PreSense proactively uncovers optimization opportunities by leveraging machine learning and advanced statistics. By using anomaly detection, data discovery and spend recommendations, companies can transform the power of their marketing analytics.

Let the anomalies talk to you

Adverity PreSense is here to take over your tedious tasks with Smart Anomaly Detection.

PreSense uses several statistical and machine learning techniques to provide the best and most specialized anomaly detection for marketing operations on the market. Users are provided with meaningful updates on significant developments within their data that would have otherwise remained invisible.

AI analytics helps detect anomolies

Powerful analytics: automated data discovery

Automated data discovery

Managing and analyzing data from a large number of cross-channel campaigns can be a challenging task. What’s more, finding the right insights and optimization potential can sometimes feel like something from a Where’s Waldo book. You have to comb through a lot of detail before you can find the right piece of information.

Fortunately, we’ve built a marketing-focused ML and AI application for this purpose. Start uncovering trends and provide context into why these patterns exist and how relevant they are. Our goal is to take over tedious tasks that deflect your attention and empower your team to concentrate on the initiatives that really matter.

Optimizing your investments with a click

Based on the identified campaign goals and KPIs, Adverity PreSense will make recommendations to optimize marketing spend within and across all marketing channels.

Machine learning algorithms calculate how to get any desired target metric, such as revenue, conversions or clicks at the lowest cost possible. PreSense provides tailor-made and out-of-the-box solutions for several digital marketing channels, such as social, search, mobile and programmatic services.

Optimize your investments with a click


This is why we’re exceptionally good at what we are doing:

enhanced analytics solution

Fully automated and out-of-the-box.

Built with the Adverity Marketing DNA, the AI-enhanced analytics solution works seamlessly with all your data.

increased ROI

Channel-specific optimization techniques.

Equipped with a deep understanding of the most important marketing channels, PreSense will increase the return of every investment.

cross platform recommendations

Fully independent cross-platform recommendations.

Adverity's powerful AI works across all your platforms and with all your data to elevate your analytics to the next level.

Hundreds of prebuilt data connectors

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