Analyze your marketing data with AI to detect trends and anomalies and get campaign optimization recommendations, allowing you to be proactive and one step ahead of any marketing performance issues


Discover anomalies

Forward-looking data processing utilizing techniques like anomaly detection and trend detection helps you to get brand new insights that support proactive decision making across the whole business. Learn from trends and prevent anomalies, and become proactive in resolving issues that might affect your marketing performance.

Get answers which would take far longer to find through manual exploration of reports and dashboards, and use the full power of marketing data available to you.

Discover anomalies
Suggestions for campaign optimizations


Suggestions for campaign optimizations

Through leveraging augmented analytics, you can provide answers to all questions, even the ones that haven’t been asked yet, and uncover opportunities for campaign optimization and business growth. Be ahead of the curve and proactively address any marketing performance issues.

Optimize campaign performance by gaining immediate critical insights and enabling real-time direction changes. Maximize your marketing ROI by focusing available budget on the right campaigns and segments.


Create new business opportunities

You can give teams across the organization the opportunity to benefit from identifying trends independently and proactively, without the need for data science expertise. Beat the talent shortage and contribute to the overall business success by using existing team capacity in the best possible way.

Get an automated update on critical, potentially unseen anomalies and outliers, and emerging, difficult to spot trends. Allow your teams to focus on getting the most out of your marketing data, rather than wasting time on trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Create new business opportunities

The best thing about augmented analytics is that it sees what you see and sees the things you didn’t.

Jordan Baines, Co-Founder & Chief Strategist, Digital Matter


Based on data processed by AI-powered technology, our platform is able to identify and analyze trends, gaps and anomalies, provide suggestions for optimizations, and notify you of any potential marketing performance issues, even before they occur.

Adverity Augmented Analytics module


The Anomaly Detection feature collects historical data for different metrics, such as impressions, clicks, CPM or engagement, uses it to learn and project future results, and reports on any detected anomalies in comparison to the current dataset.

Early detection of outliers across different data sources and metrics is crucial for preventing budget drain and performance loss. This feature gives data analysts and marketers the opportunity to spot and eliminate campaign anomalies before they make a significant impact on the budget and campaign performance.

Adverity Augmented Analytics feature - Anomaly Detection
Adverity Augmented Analytics feature - Trend Detection


By intelligently analyzing historical data, Trend Detection identifies overall trends across time. It then determines the relevance of the trend, and automatically creates a chart displaying a trend recognized as the one that will have a significant effect on marketing performance.

Agencies and brands can use this feature to easily and quickly identify emerging trends which may be of relevance to their business, such as market changes or unforeseen user behavior. It reduces the time needed to identify and adapt to trends in order to boost marketing performance and business growth.


Adverity’s Segment Analysis processes all possible segments fetched from relevant data sources, such as age, geography or device, and analyses the relative performance of each. When an out-performing segment is identified, a visualization is created to inform the user on the potential of this particular segment.

This feature provides a more granular insight into the most effective segments emerging as the campaign is executed, enabling managers to adapt initial targeting or completely re-define it. These corrections can significantly improve investment returns on optimized campaigns.

Adverity Augmented Analytics feature - Segment Analysis
Adverity Augmented Analytics feature - Budget Shift Suggestions


This feature classifies campaigns, clustering the similar ones together to analyze the relative performance of each one, and identifies those which are performing particularly good or bad. It also highlights campaigns being restricted by budget, and provides suggestions on how to adjust budget spend to achieve the best results.

By providing deep analysis on budget spend vs. performance for each campaign, Budget Shift Suggestions allows advertisers to quickly reallocate budgets, achieve optimal campaign performance, and increase overall advertising ROI.


The Forecasting feature informs you on how much of your budget has already been spent in a given period, and what your predicted spend will be by the end of the upcoming period. The prediction is based upon historical spend data, with typical seasonal variations applied.

You can use this feature for all your digital marketing activities, or filter on specific entities, such as platforms, accounts or campaigns. It enables advertisers to stay on track by providing accurate and timely suggestions for changes in budget spending, making sure that the media plans are executed according to plan and actual performance.

Adverity Augmented Analytics feature - Forecasting
Adverity Augmented Analytics feature - Channel Mix Optimization


This feature determines what type of mix across marketing channels will result in the maximum revenue for a defined budget. Based on historical data from a longer period, it learns from the previous performance and models the marketing mix to achieve full potential.

This feature uses intelligent machine learning to help you make the right budget allocation decisions. It provides guidance, based upon your historical results and recent spend allocation, on how to split your budget to each channel and produce the maximal return.

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