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more than just a dashboard

We get your data under control

Our platform connects to all your online and offline marketing data and integrates it into one central marketing hub and does even more for you. So you can make the best marketing decisions possible.


Connect all your beloved marketing tools like Google Doubleclick, Facebook, Adobe Omniture and any other datasource. Lot of content – but we bring it together!


Our system combines all your data for a clean and intelligent interface to ensure an effective and accurate cross channel analysis that is easy to handle!


Use the power of your combined and referenced data to tackle your business challenges. Create and share dynamic dashboards and automate your reporting.

marketing power in every channel

Powerful Integrations

We combine your marketing tools – you save up to 90% of your time. Integrating adserver data, email data, e-commerce data, retail data, social data, complex excel sheets and hundreds more will give you unique insights on the success of your campaigns so you can make the right decisions in the right place.


and many more.

comprehensible data

Make decisions with confidence

Always have the full picture of your activities and understand the success of your marketing and sales. It’s all out there – adverity destills it for you, so you can make confident decisions fast.

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comprehensive feature set

We build for your business

As marketeers we know exactly what it takes to manage and combine data from  countless different sources. Our feature set is built to help you improve your company’s return on investment drastically.

Automated Reports

Automated, customizable reports save you hours of copy pasting.


Fast integration of new channels and datasources. Adverity will grow with your business.

Advanced Insights

Cross-reference data from different channels and always get exactly the info you need.

Data Security

Keep your data secure with multilevel authentication and a granular user roles system.

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