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Product updates / Beta: Data Monitoring

Beta: Data Monitoring

Product update: February 21, 2024

Author: Sophie Barwood

When it comes to data integration, automating your data collection is the obvious time saver and benefit but it often reveals a secondary problem; the needed to quality control and monitor your data quality too. 

So, what if you could automate not just the integration but also the QA of your data?

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Data checks without the heavy-lifting

Introducing our new AI powered data monitoring features that observe your data and help you faster detect and take action on data errors.

Questions they can help you answer:

  • Are there any duplicated rows? 
  • Any there gaps in my data?
  • Are there unexpected changes to my data?
  • Does it conform to assigned data rules?
  • Is everything updating on schedule? 

Universal vs. custom monitors

Universal monitors will be applied as standard, giving you faster access to insights without any extra set-up.

Custom monitors will allow you to check your data adheres to your own business specific rules or based on AI-powered suggestions based on the data you've already ingested. 

Duplicate detection now in beta

Starting with the duplicates monitor, you can now check your data for uniqueness; whether any ingested rows of data are identical to other rows.

This monitor detects potential errors in source files and is particularly useful for sources such as files where manual data entry might be involved.  Any duplicate rows will be flagged as a warning on the relevant datastream and via the activity page.

Be an early adopter

Data monitoring will be available to all customers.

If you would like to participate in this beta or to get early access to upcoming releases around data quality, please reach out to your account manager.