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Data Shares

Product update: January 15, 2024

Author: Sophie Barwood

What is it?

A new way to securely share data with other BI tools such as Looker Studio, Tableau and more while maintaining control of your data centrally in Adverity data storage. 

Data Share SUI

How does it help you?

No more version control issues - changes to your data will sync across automatically so you can be confident you are using one dataset wherever you are working. 

Complete flexibility on what you share - pick and choose the exact metrics and dimensions you need across multiple data sources. 

Use the same data set for multiple different use cases; for weekly reporting, MMM, specific ad-hoc analysis - you choose. You can also transfer data to warehouses, files or data lakes simultaneously ensuring everyone has timely access to the data they need. 

How does it work?

Anyone can create a Share based on their existing permissions and workspace accesses, using any data stored centrally in Adverity (i.e. in Adverity Data Storage). 

Establish a secure data share connection between your tools and Adverity in just a few steps to get instant access to your data: 

  1. Go to the workspace in Adverity you wish to share data from
  2. In Data Shares, Create a Share and select the dimensions and metrics you want access to 
  3. Copy the generated credentials
  4. Paste in the credentials - in the data import flow (e.g. via Get Data for Power BI)

For more information, check out the video guide or browse our documentation here.  


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