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Transformation Copilot

Product update: April 10, 2024

Author: Tina Hintringer

A new Copilot to elevate your data transformations

Transforming disparate data sets to build a clean data foundation can get complicated when you have multiple different instructions to apply. 

With our new AI-powered assistant, tapping into the power of our custom script feature is now easier than ever to help you organize, transform or join datasets.


Flexible data transformations. No coding skills required

Introducing Adverity's new, generative AI-powered Transformation Copilot.

Instead of sifting through pages of documentation, simply ask the Copilot for instant instructions on how to apply transformations within Adverity’s custom script feature.

Once you've told the Copilot what changes you need to make to a dataset, it will provide you with step-by-step instructions.  If your transformation requires code, the Copilot generates it for you - no regex or coding knowledge required. 

Want to see how it works?

For a full run through, take a look at our video guide.

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