Intelligent data analytics for your eCommerce business

Understand your customers better by leveraging the power of all data at your disposal. Use the insights coming from data to increase conversion rates and transaction values and improve the performance of your eCommerce business.

Powerful analytics platform for eCommerce leaders

With the data intelligence coming from our augmented analytics platform, you can transform your eCommerce or multi-channel retail business into a highly profitable, data-driven market leader.

Agile marketing analytics

Speed up daily data operations

Fully automate all data acquisition and data harmonization operations. Spend less time collecting data, and more time analyzing it and acting based on it.

Convert more website visitors into customers

Know where your ad spend is going

Maintain full control over budget spend on multiple advertising channels and constantly optimize to successfully lower your customer acquisition costs.

Set user access rights

Constantly monitor performance

Create centralized dashboards that show all your marketing and sales results from multiple sources, and spend less time looking for specific information.

A single source of truth for your marketing data

Successfully increase CVR and AOV

Gain brand new insights from existing data points, increase conversion rates and average order values, and demonstrate ROI of all your ad campaigns.

Seamless data consolidation

Automatically integrate data from a wide range of sources, covering all major ad and remarketing platforms, analytics and tracking solutions, and popular affiliate and social networks. Get customer acquisition data from all sources delivered to you, instead of having to manually assemble it in endless spreadsheets.

Cross-reference ad performance data with sales results and make sure that you know which campaigns produced the highest ROI, and what types of customers bring the highest AOV values. Import and transform data from hundreds of sources into a single view of your business results.

Automated integration of all your data

Efficient and up-to-date reporting

Create powerful dashboards that will show all KPIs and help you know everything about your eCommerce or retail performance at any moment. Integrate data from all sources into a single source of truth and be confident in making business decisions based on data.

Skyrocket your productivity by eliminating all manual work on data gathering and reporting. Find all the information that you might need in centralized dashboards, showing all your sales and marketing results in one place. Remain on top of your eCommerce business performance and be always one step ahead of the competition.

Intelligent data analytics

Benefit from our augmented analytics module that constantly analyzes all your data and makes automated suggestions for improvements. It can also detect any inconsistencies or malfunctions within your ad campaigns, preventing poor allocation of budgets and making sure all your ad budget is well spent.

Adjust your advertising budgets and campaign targets on-the-fly to maximize revenue and significantly improve the return on investment on your marketing activities. Find the best way on how to invest further in your campaigns and increase overall profitability.


Our platform powers the business intelligence departments and the success of many global eCommerce and multi-channel retail leaders.

Before working with Adverity, we were doing a lot of manual reporting, which was very time-consuming. Our data is now uploaded automatically every day, without any extra work.

Tobias Papert, Head of Performance Marketing, reBuy

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eCommerce Case Study

reBuy, a leading European reCommerce portal, uses Adverity to successfully consolidate business and marketing data from a large number of sources and send it to their BI tool of choice for further analysis. This saves them a lot of time and allows them to focus on data-driven decisions that drive their business further.

Watch this video testimonial and find out how they achieved this, with the help of our platform.


Reducing Customer Acquisition Cost with data

Read in our whitepaper how you can optimize your ad campaigns by leveraging the power of data analytics. Find out what types of data you need to capture to understand customer behavior, and how to use this data to successfully reduce CAC.

Through automation to increased efficiency

Learn how Fashionette, a leading German online fashion retailer, managed to integrate siloed data and boost reporting efficiency, reducing time needed for reports by 90%. Read the case study and discover how they did it.

Multi-channel sales data all in one place

With the use of our platform, IKEA in Austria successfully managed to break down all data silos within the organization. Now all stakeholders have access to up-to-date data and reports that simplify their decision making.

Add TV attribution to your ROI calculation

If your media plans include TV ads, but your business is mostly online, managing TV attribution may be one of your key challenges. Read our blog and find out how you can successfully add TV ads to your overall campaign success indicators.

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