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Unified, accurate, analytics-ready data for eCommerce

Connect and analyze customer, sales, and campaign data to accelerate your eCommerce and omnichannel business.

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Single source of truth

Unify all your customer, sales, and marketing data into a single view of performance across your business.

Segment and target

Build and analyze high-value customer segments to deliver effective campaigns that drive sales and increase ROI.

Optimized marketing mix

Easily identify ROI from online and offline channels over time to build the best-performing marketing mix.

Fully automate all your eCommerce data collection

Automate data integration from all your marketing platforms with our ready-to-go, out-of-the-box eCommerce connectors library.

All data connectors
Unify customer, sales, and campaign data in one place

Transform all disparate datasets into a single, harmonized, analytics-ready view of performance across your business.

Analyze the performance of different segments (age, gender, or geography)

Easily identify highly performing (or underperforming) segments and readjust your marketing strategy with the Segment Analysis feature.

Complete data security and ownership

Get complete control over data retention and full security for your customers’ data.

Seamlessly integrate with your existing data stack

Host anywhere, send anywhere - our cloud and tech agnostic platform easily integrates with any existing tech stack.


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