Single source of truth

Integrate all your customer, sales, and marketing campaign data and compare in a single visual dashboard.

Segment and target

Build and analyse high-value customer segments to deliver effective campaigns that drive sales and increase ROI.

Optimized marketing mix

Easily identify ROI from online and offline channels over time to build the best performing marketing mix.

Fully automate your data collection with our out-of-the-box eCommerce connectors

Utilize our extensive out-of-the-box eCommerce connectors library to automatically integrate data from all your marketing platforms and save time on manual reporting. Power your business with high-quality data and effortlessly add new data sources without the need for help from your IT department.

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Unify data from customer, sales, and campaigns and turn it into powerful insights

Maximize the value of harmonized datasets to create a single view on performance across your business. With the help of powerful data visualizations, analyze your sales data alongside your advertising data, to better understand your marketing performance and deliver against your KPIs efficiently.

Build high-value customer segments for targeting and lookalike modelling

Easily export customer data from your CRM, apply advanced data enrichment in Adverity to calculate predictive CLTV, and build a segment of customers with the highest CLTV. Then send this segment to Facebook or Google and maximize ROAS by targeting only the customers with the greatest propensity to buy.


Analyze the performance of different segments (age, gender, or geography)

Easily identify highly performing (or underperforming) segments and readjust your marketing strategy with the Segment Analysis feature. Easily capture all segmented data from relevant data streams, analyze different demographics across multiple channels, and cluster similar segments to assess the relative performances of each.

Prove marketing’s contribution to revenue growth – all without third-party cookies!

Understand the contribution of marketing to your company’s bottom line. ROI Advisor uses statistical modeling to provide insights into ROI. It provides an aggregated view of your marketing channels and identifies the best-performing ones without relying on third-party cookies.

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