Whether you are offering solutions in the cloud or on premise, your multichannel marketing approaches need a centralized repository to make smart decisions. Leverage the power of our marketing analytics platform to drive end-to-end business growth.


Connect Your Data

Integrate, harmonize and transform siloed data across your existing tech stack into a single source of truth for easy analysis.

Visualize Anywhere

Deliver compelling visual stories, automated reporting and actionable insights with data visualized on any BI tools.

Empowered by AI

Uncover the hidden drivers of your success through our augmented analytics module to make smarter business decisions.

Ace Your Data Architecture

52. That’s the average number of data sources a company has. As the demand for data grows exponentially, your BI team needs to build a data integration strategy to accommodate large data sources, work across multiple platforms, and perform real-time processing of critical data.

Adverity gives you access to over 400 data connectors that takes your disparate marketing data through the process of integration, harmonization and transformation. The result is a single view of amalgamated data, ready to be delivered to any destination for analysis.

Ace your data architecture
Scale your business with data

Scale with Data-Driven Marketing

Scaling SaaS companies often wonder how much to spend on marketing and where to spend it. Once all the data is in one place, use our visualization tools to review your marketing mix and reallocate budgets on performing channels where you can acquire customers faster and retain customers longer.

Other key SaaS metrics include MRR, ARR and churn rate, which ultimately lead to the calculation of CLTV and CAC to track profitability can be seamlessly achieved within Adverity. This enhances data-driven decision making to maximize investments and drive growth.

Step Up with Augmented Analytics

To stay ahead of the competition, employ the power of machine learning algorithms to reveal and proactively present vital insights that you would otherwise not be able to find, or require a long time to uncover.

Predictive recommendations will shed light on where best to focus your resources on. Be it campaign budget allocation, unseen emerging trends or sudden anomalies and outliers, your marketing tactics will be fully guided by facts instead of speculative estimation.

Benefits for SaaS Companies

SaaS marketing can be tricky. You’re juggling between converting leads through the sales funnel and reducing customer churn while keeping price competitive. The myriad of data sets makes it harder for marketers to perform any effective analysis and reporting. This is where Adverity can help.

Real time reporting

Real-Time Marketing Reporting

With an extensive library of data connectors, Adverity can unify your data from disparate sources and bring it to a single source of truth. Your data is always up to date, ready for real-time analysis.

KPIs at your fingertips

All the KPIs at Your Fingertips

All metrics relevant to SaaS businesses including CLTV, MRR, ROAS, ROI can be calculated automatically without any formulas and coding. You can even convert multi-currencies for accurate comparisons.

Storytelling with data

Make Data Storytelling Your Asset

Our data visualization module lets you create rich and compelling stories through an array of chart, graph and map types with just a few clicks. All reports can be shared and customized to your target audience.

Trends and opportunities

Uncover Trends & Opportunities

With up to 97% of your time saved on marketing reporting, you can now focus your time on making critical, data-driven decisions to optimize campaign investments and deliver value for the business.

Empowered by AI

Empowered by Artificial intelligence

Analyze your marketing data with AI to detect trends and anomalies, and get campaign optimization recommendations, allowing you to be proactive and one step ahead of any marketing performance issues.

Scalable and future-proof

Scalable and

Adverity has the ability to incorporate new destinations, connectors and storage solutions with ease. We also adhere to the highest data security and data protection standards to guard your information.

Trusted by Global Brands Across Industries

Adverity has transformed business data into valuable assets that helped small businesses to Fortune 500 giants in various industries including technology, telecommunications, retail, media, CPGs and FMCGs drive profitability.

Because of the data availability that Adverity has made possible, we are now able to calculate true return on ad spend, not in the ad platform, but through the actual business. And the potential of this is enormous.


Alexander Holt, Manager of Data Enablement,

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Tech Case Study

A leader in the automotive classified business,, decided to implement Adverity to completely eliminate manual data processing, centralize disparate data sources and scale business performance through enhanced intelligence.

Read this case study to find out how cut data wrangling times from 160 to 5 hours each week and uncover true ROAS for the first time in their campaigns.

Case Study: + Adverity


Driving Business Excellence

Vodafone, a Fortune 500 company, deployed Adverity to unify online and offline data sources into an automated process. This resulted in increased data robustness and reduced workload that delivered more value to stakeholders.

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