Agency Dashboard for Media and Advertising Agencies

Cutting-edge advertising agencies need the right tools to realise their ambitions.
With Adverity by their side, agencies can connect all their clients’ data for smart decision making.

Overview of the benefits

  • Produce a BI-ready data stack across all clients and data sources, which is always up to date.
  • Automated data integration provides a continual stream of highly granular real-time data.
  • Cross-client campaign control centre allows you to easily track performance. Track all ongoing campaigns against defined benchmarks.
  • Huge gains in organisational efficiency from automated data integration. The days of tedious manual data collection and transformation are over!
  • Significantly reduce the time needed to generate client reports. Build integrated data sets for new clients.

  • With a central hub for all your clients’ data, it’s no longer necessary to switch between multiple platforms and accounts.
  • Dedicate more time to data exploration. This allows you to uncover powerful insights that will help unlock the true potential of your campaigns.
  • Complete transparency across data and processes along the data supply chain. Support fast data-driven decision making in your agency.
  • Data is integrated according to a hierarchical multi-tenant structure for which different user access rights can be applied.
  • Simple onboarding process! Extensive product training! Helpful assistance provided by our Client Success team!

Automated end-to-end data integration

Connect and work with your entire media, marketing and e-commerce ecosystems. With native access to hundreds of marketing data sources. Adverity aggregates highly granular data from a wide array of tools on the fly. We’ve integrated everything: from financial, to point-of-sale and weather data.

Adverity empowers you to look deeper across the entire customer journey than ever before. Blend previously siloed data streams to get a more comprehensive overview of your clients’ business.

Put all your data at your fingertips and benefit from huge increases in efficiency. There’s no need to switch between platforms to access your data. No more manually preparing datasets for analysis. Instead, you can focus your resources on uncovering new insights and create added value from data.

Create reports and generate unprecedented insights
Keep tabs on all your ongoing campaigns

Effortless campaign monitoring

Leverage Adverity’s cross-client campaign control centre to stay on top of your business. Continually optimise marketing performance against defined benchmarks. This allows you to keep track of your deals and ensure that delivery remains within budget.

Unify your clients’ marketing activities under one central hub. Manage client campaigns seamlessly across all channels. That way, you’re always in the loop and can react quickly to optimise your clients’ return on advertising expenditure using real-time data.

Every client. Every campaign. On every channel. The full picture in one dashboard.

Create compelling visualisations in next to no time

Visualised data or presented in tables? No matter how smart we all are, our brains can always work better when data is visualised. It’s always easier to identify outlier factors or the underlying causes of changes to marketing performance when data is presented in charts.

Adverity Insights allows you to efficiently create powerful visualisations using advanced agency-specific marketing metrics. With an unlimited number of highly customisable dashboards, you can easily apply your clients’ corporate branding and identity to any given report.

Dashboards and report widgets can either display data relating to a historical time period or instead update automatically when new data becomes available. This is the most flexible solution for any advertising or media agency business.

Create compelling visualisations from your data

Automating the full data integration workflow and having a central hub to interact and work with our data is key to making sound decisions in the fast-paced marketing industry.

Rudolf Sieger, CIO at GroupM Austria & Switzerland

Group M

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Add visualisations to custom dashboards

Custom shareable dashboards and reports

Not only can Adverity users generate ad-hoc reports and dashboards whenever they need them, it’s also possible to automate their creation. Perfect for both internal and client reporting!

These visualisations can either be easily shared with colleagues or clients securely. Thanks to the detailed user rights management. We make sure that the right audience gets the right information.

More still, dashboard widgets can be exported to any of the following file types: PNG, JPG, PDF, XLSX and PPT.

Standardised KPI framework

Crucial to modern data-driven marketing is the use of standardised marketing metrics across all media channels. Measuring cross-channel marketing performance is made easier when there is a standardised framework for all KPIs. This ensures consistency in how data is structured, regardless of where the data originates from.

Think of it as a huge and highly complex mapping table, which aligns all your performance metrics so you can compare apples alongside other unified apples.

This gives rise to the possibility to access multi-level KPIs. This allows users to include all their target audiences or data segments within one metric or dimension.

Standardise all your KPIs for more efficient data analytics and reporting

Trusted by leading advertisers and agencies

Adverity is a powerful data integration and dashboarding platform. Many leading advertising agencies are using Adverity.

New possibilities for working with your media plans

Adverity provides agencies with the possibility to work with their media plans in a completely new way. Users can upload their approved media plans to our platform. Add them to dashboards that allow for easy sharing and manipulation.

Instead of sharing a new file-based spreadsheet after each feedback loop, you’ll be able to share the link to a media plan, where all stakeholders will see the updated plan in real time. This saves a lot of time and confusion. There are no more duplicate files. No more miscommunication between the client and the agency due to different versions of your Excel file.

Improved business agility as a result of transparency. Ad delivery updates, decision making and overall marketing performance has been improved significantly for all of our clients.

Media plans
Data integration tool with fair and transparent pricing plans

Transparent and agency-friendly pricing

Although our pricing model depends on a number of factors, we will not charge you for the number of clients or users you create in Adverity. This way it’s easy for you to scale your operations with Adverity.

We will always communicate your pricing plan openly and honestly. No hidden charges or surprises.

All-in-one platform for 360° marketing intelligence and analytics

Scalable marketing intelligence software


Add clients and data sources on-the-go and create new dashboards and reports as and when you need them. Adverity is a highly scalable solution designed to grow with your agency.

A single source of truth for your marketing data


With all staff working from the same datasets, your agency can expect to benefit from improved internal communication, cooperation and analytical prowess.

Agile marketing analytics


Accelerate your decision making based on high-quality data. Difficult questions will be easier to answer than ever – thanks to transparency across the entire agency.

Set user access rights


All our clients are able to set user-specific access rights according to your business structure to manage what each user is able to access, view, share or download.

Prebuilt data connectors to all your clients’ sources


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