Analytics AND REPORTING solution for every marketing agency

A powerful and flexible analytics platform for data integration and reporting, ideal for advertising, media and digital marketing agencies of all sizes.

Flexible end-to-end platform for agency analytics and client reporting

The Adverity advanced analytics platform brings many benefits for marketing agencies of all types and sizes, especially for digital marketing agencies focused on data-driven decisions.

Agile marketing analytics

Save time and resources

Eliminate time lost on manually creating client reports and start to really utilize available data, through automated reporting and visualizations.

Scalable marketing intelligence software

Improve agency operations

Gain a competitive advantage by focusing on creating value for your agency’s clients, not on shuffling spreadsheets or manually creating reports every month.

A single source of truth for your marketing data

Benefit from new ideas

Let our platform analyze all available data and make recommendations and suggestions on how to direct budgets and deliver a high ROI for all your clients.

Set user access rights

Stay secure and compliant

Maintain full legal compliance and complete data security while being able to easily share KPI dashboards and various reports with all your clients.

Automated data integration

Collect and harmonize data from hundreds of marketing data sources and create a single source of truth of client performance. Once you have all the data in one place, you can easily send it for further analysis to your favorite BI tool, data visualization platform, or data storage.

Combine previously isolated data streams and get a more comprehensive overview of your clients’ businesses. Get rid of manual preparation of datasets for monthly reports and campaign success analysis, and focus your agency’s resources on uncovering new insights and creating added value to your clients.

Create reports and generate unprecedented insights
Keep tabs on all your ongoing campaigns

Effortless client reporting

Closely monitor the success of all client campaigns and create simple, yet effective dashboards and reports with just a few clicks. Use the power of data visualizations to demonstrate the value of your agency’s work to all your clients with just one tool.

Use our platform to aggregate highly granular data from a wide array of sources and create a centralized overview of all key campaign performance indicators. With an unlimited number of highly customizable dashboards, you can easily apply your clients’ corporate branding and identity to any given report, and grant full or limited user access to internal or external stakeholders.

Proactive data analysis

Leverage the potential of our AI-powered augmented analytics module and start receiving alerts and recommendations based on real-life data insights. Become proactive through data and have all the answers to client questions, sometimes even before they arrive.

Stay on top of client success, and continually optimize marketing performance against defined budgets, targets, and industry benchmarks. Create a standardized KPI framework across all clients and ensure consistency in reporting, and understand the key success factors of your own agency.

Add visualisations to custom dashboards

Trusted by leading advertisers and agencies

Many leading agencies and brands across the world are successfully using Adverity to make the most out of their data

Automating the full data integration workflow and having a central hub to interact and work with our data is key to making sound decisions in the fast-paced marketing industry.

Rudolf Sieger, CIO, GroupM Austria and Switzerland

Group M

Still not convinced? Read what our clients say about us over at G2 and Capterra

Agency Case Study

Mindshare Netherlands, part of the largest global media and marketing agency network, now prepares all regular monthly reports for over 100 clients in just a few days.

Watch this video testimonial and learn how they achieved this, with the help of Adverity.

Work with media plans in a brand new way

Our platform enables agencies to work with media plans in a completely new way. Account managers and media planners can upload their approved media plans to our platform and add them to dashboards that allow for easy sharing and quick feedback.

Instead of sharing a new spreadsheet after each feedback loop, you’ll be able to share a link to an uploaded media plan, where all stakeholders can see the latest version and comment on it. This saves a lot of time and effort, prevents errors and confusion, and improves transparency and communication between the client and the agency.

Media plans

Ready-made connectors to all your clients’ data sources

We have one of the largest data source connector databases in the industry, and are constantly updating it with new, automated connectors to the most popular marketing analytics and other types of tools used in agencies of all types.


Automated data integration Case Study

Adverity boosted by 75% the efficiency of Mediacom, a global ad agency, through integrating all of their data sources into a single database.

Strategic playbook for data-driven agencies

Learn how to master your client’s data, regardless of the its complexity, and successfully build a future-proof marketing agency in our free whitepaper.

Reinventing how agencies work with media plans

We have revolutionized the way how agencies and media planners use media plans and interact with clients – read our blog post to find more details.

How TV attribution impacts ROI measurement

One of the key challenges for marketers is to successfully manage TV attribution. Learn how you can assess the impact of your TV ads on overall campaign success.

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