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Advanced integrated data for leading marketing agencies

Enhance the value of your client offering with unified, accurate, analytics-ready marketing data at your fingertips

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Save time and resources

Stop wasting valuable resources on manually integrating data and spend more time creating additional value for clients.

Enhance your offering

Transform your clients’ data into a unified, accurate, single source of truth that you can use to drive value.

Benefit from new insights

Utilize proactive analytics to get recommendations on how to best allocate client budgets and deliver a higher ROI.

Automated data integration

Collect and harmonize data from hundreds of marketing data sources and create a single source of truth of campaign performance. Combine previously isolated data streams for a comprehensive overview of your clients’ campaigns.

All data connectors
Track performance, enhance campaigns

Compare your campaign performance across channels to see which channels perform best for your clients and let them make data-driven decisions regarding budget allocation.

Proactive data analysis

Leverage the potential of proactive analytics and receive alerts and recommendations based on real-life data insights. Stay on top of campaigns, and continually optimize marketing performance with all the answers to client questions, before they even ask!

Fit seamlessly with clients’ data stacks

Our agnostic fully flexible platform can fit seamlessly with any existing data stack. Send clean and harmonized data to any destination of your clients’ choosing, from BI tools to data warehouses.

Client data security and ownership

Get complete control over data retention, and ensure your clients retain the exact level of ownership and data security they need.


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