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Save time and resources

Eliminate time lost on manually creating client reports and start to really utilize available data, through automated reports and impactful visualizations.

Improve agency operations

Gain a competitive advantage by focusing on creating value for your agency’s clients, not on shuffling spreadsheets or manually creating reports.

Benefit from new insights

Let our platform analyze all available data and make recommendations on how to best allocate client budgets and deliver a higher ROI.

Automated data integration

Combine previously isolated data streams and get a more comprehensive overview of your clients’ campaigns.

Collect and harmonize data from hundreds of marketing data sources and create a single source of truth of campaign performance. Easily send data to your favorite data visualization solution, BI tool or data storage for further analysis.


Effortless client reporting

Closely monitor the success of all client campaigns by creating impactful dashboards and reports.

With an unlimited number of highly customizable dashboards, you can easily apply your clients’ corporate branding and identity to any given report, and grant full or limited user access to internal or external stakeholders.

Proactive data analysis

Leverage the potential of our AI-powered features and start receiving alerts and recommendations based on real-life data insights. Become proactive through data and have all the answers to client questions, sometimes even before they arise.

Stay on top of campaigns, and continually optimize marketing performance against defined budgets, targets, and industry benchmarks.


Brand new management of media plans

Account managers and media planners can upload their approved media plans to our platform and add them to dashboards that allow for easy sharing and quick feedback.

Instead of sharing a new spreadsheet after each feedback loop, you’ll be able to share a link to an uploaded media plan, where all stakeholders see the latest version and can comment on it.

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Strategic playbook for data-driven agencies

A two-part comprehensive guide on how modern advertising agencies can benefit from solving the big data puzzle.

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