Fully understand the behavior of your audience and use data analytics to adapt your content, improve your performance, and maximize your revenue.

Analyze Audience and Revenue Data in a Single View

Understand and monitor content performance, create a complete picture of your audience engagement, and match-up this data to your revenue streams.

Connect all your data under one central hub

Create a centralized data overview

Automate data integration from all your marketing sources and start analyzing it immediately.

Agile marketing analytics

Shorten the content development cycle

Get instant insights on the performance of your content and build them into your content plans.

Convert more website visitors into customers

Communicate value to advertisers

Have your audience and engagement data ready to clearly display your value to all advertisers.

Save time needed for data analysis

If you have multiple marketing data sources, automating the integration of those data streams can save you a lot of time. Use this time instead to analyze the collected data and develop greater insights on your audience behavior and business performance.

Our platform offers automated data connectors to all relevant marketing platforms and tools. You can also integrate data from offline sources, making your dataset complete and ready for any type of advanced audience and engagement analysis.


Streamline performance reporting

Actively monitoring the various channels driving traffic to your website, as well as the performance of the whole website and individual content, is crucial for understanding what types of content resonate the best with the audience and how you can optimize your engagements.

By creating various dashboards and data visualizations you can quickly spot best performing channels and replicate best practices when it comes to content production, social media distribution, and advertising potential of your assets.

Become proactive with the help of data

Through AI-powered analytics, you can get new insights that would be impossible with conventional analysis. This allows you to stay one step ahead of your competition, and prevent any negative trends in audience engagement.

Applying augmented analytics to your data also allows you to predict and correct issues ahead of time, as well as detect weak points in your customer’s journey, identify the best channels for user acquisition, and reduce churn.

Which Media & Entertainment Companies Are Already Using Adverity?

We went with Adverity because they would take care of all the technical stuff. And the support we received made us feel like a real partner, not just a customer.


Anil Malhotra, President, AnalytixLive

AnalytixLiveStill not convinced? Read what our clients say about us over at G2 and Capterra

Entertainment Analytics Case Study

The business of AnalytixLive – providing revenue management services for live entertainment organizations – was ground to a halt when all of their customers stopped operating due to COVID-19. As their clients shifted to streaming video and social media, the team at AnalytixLive saw an opportunity to support them by analyzing the engagement data coming from these platforms.

Read our case study to find out how Adverity helped AnalytixLive to simplify data operations and client reporting, and successfully pivot their business.


The Guide to Audience and Engagement Analytics in the M&E Industry

In this guide we take a look at some of the key trends facing the media and entertainment industry and the crucial role data analytics will play in how businesses engage with and track their audiences for decades to come.

Top KPIs for News and Media Companies

The media business is tough. You need to keep a close eye on your audience, your competitors, new emerging platforms… but all this gets a lot tougher if you don’t monitor the right KPIs. Here’s a list of the top KPIs that news and media companies should keep an eye on.

What is Augmented Analytics and How It Can Transform Your Marketing

This technology uses artificial intelligence to analyze and discover brand new insights from your data. It identifies problems and suggests solutions, and allows you to make important decisions faster and with more confidence.

Adverity Platform product brochure

Get to know our end-to-end marketing data analytics platform and how it can fit into your existing data infrastructure. Use it to maximize the power of your marketing data and simplify reporting across your whole media and entertainment company.

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