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Create a centralized data overview

Automate integration from all your data sources, transform it, and start analyzing immediately.

Use insights for content development

Get up-to-date intelligence on the performance of your content and marketing campaigns to optimize and improve results.

Communicate value to advertisers

Have your audience and engagement data ready for internal analyses and to clearly display value to all advertisers.

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Accelerated data analysis

Use over 600 pre-built data connectors to all major platforms and tools to integrate and harmonize your data.

Integrate data from offline sources, making your dataset complete, and be ready for any type of advanced audience and engagement analysis.

All data connectors

Streamlined marketing reporting

Actively monitor all channels driving traffic to your website and content, as well as their performance.

Power your dashboards to quickly spot best-performing channels and replicate best practices when it comes to content production, social media distribution, and advertising potential of your assets.

Use AI-powered analytics to get new insights that allow you to stay one step ahead of your competition.

Apply augmented analytics to your data to predict and correct issues ahead of time, as well as detect weak points in your customer’s journey, identify the best channels for user acquisition, and reduce churn.

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Calculate your data integration ROI

Rachel Mack

Chief Executive Officer,

Digital Matter

What our clients say…

Adverity provides Digital Matter with stable and reliable data streams, which makes it easier to develop new capabilities and resources on behalf of our clients.

Daniel Müller

Political Data Analyst,

Cosmonauts & Kings

What our clients say…

Our agency planned to explore our data on a bigger scale to every new client that was onboarded, so we needed to make sure that new data was coming in automatically. This had to happen at the specified time, so being able to automatically schedule and explore our data with Adverity was fantastic.

Alexander Holt

Data Enablement Manager,


What our clients say…

Because of the data availability that Adverity has made possible, we are now able to calculate true return on ad spend, not in the ad platform, but through the actual business. And the potential of this is enormous.

Maimuna Mosser

Chief Business Development Officer,


What our clients say…

When I started working at IKEA, we couldn't even achieve 10 percent of what’s possible now. Adverity was one of the key contributors to this improvement. Many of our decisions and the facts we uncovered from our data was processed by Adverity.

Lucas Riedberger

Media Director, Marketing,

Dassault Systèmes

What our clients say…

We are now getting significantly better data, significantly faster—a true game-changer for us. But most importantly, we now have much better customer data protection, this is priceless!

Find out how IKEA uses Adverity to understand ad performance.


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Take a look at the important trends in the M&E industry and the role data analytics plays for how businesses within this sector engage with audiences.

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