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Press release / Adverity Partners up with Adobe Analytics for Better Decision Making

Adverity Partners up with Adobe Analytics for Better Decision Making

We are very happy to announce our new partnership with Adobe - a leading solution provider for real-time marketing analytics.

Adverity and Adobe Analytics both transform the way you measure the performance of your marketing campaigns. We turn vast data streams into valuable insights that everyone can act upon in real-time. This partnership brings together the best features of both products. In short, it will give you a profound insight into your customers' journey and save you a lot of time and money.

What is Adobe Analytics?

Adobe Analytics is an industry-leading customer intelligence solution. It helps marketers, analysts, and other stakeholders to discover customer segments and use these gained insights to improve business. It delivers real-time insights based on 360-degree customer views. You will be able to learn about your customers, your marketing, and your content. So that you can make confident data-informed decisions.

One of the main problems that business decision-makers face is dealing with a growing number of data sources. They spend too much time collecting and standardizing data as well as reporting findings from different online and offline channels.

Adverity and Adobe Analytics are here to help. The goal of this partnership is to make complicated tasks easier for our customers. How? By creating a seamless connection between both tools. In addition, Adverity delivers a powerful ETL solution capable of filtering meaningful insights from a large amount of data.

How does it work exactly? Our platform collects and integrates data from any source. For example, Adobe Analytics API, Google Analytics API, or an Excel list with media plans. This puts all the data at your fingertips within one central hub. Your data is cleaned, harmonized, and pushed to your favorite destination. This allows you to compare the results from one data source to another - on one single dashboard.


“We want to make it easy for people to become data-driven decision makers by eliminating technical hurdles, such as integrating data sources and harmonizing data or applying machine learning techniques on top of data.”

Alexander Igelsböck, CEO & Co-Founder at Adverity GmbH


How will customers profit from our combined capabilities

This powerful product integration helps our customers to get the most from data. No matter if these are social, search or others. How? By connecting social and search metrics with omnichannel events. What you’ll then get is a holistic view of the complete customer experience.

We offer a combination of industry knowledge and digital expertise. Our combined capabilities enable us to deliver world-class customer experiences across all industries. We have worked together to ensure robust and scalable product integration. This ensures that our mutual clients can capitalize on consumer interactions. They will gain insights into which marketing tactics are working, and which are not.

Our solution helps to empower everyone in the organization. What you get are clean data stacks and interactive dashboards. This will enable you to get valuable insights and make empirically-based smart decisions.


Increased conversion rates through real-time A/B Testing:
  • Real-time interactions of customers with your content - data can be fetched on an hourly basis.
  • Track engagement metrics across the whole customer journey.
  • See how different interactions throughout the customer journey affect conversion.
  • Optimize your content based on the results of A/B testing of various types of ads or other marketing activities.
  • Get higher click and open rates, which lead to improved conversion rates, by optimizing your content.

Improved campaign management across various channels:
  • Understand the value of video views, display ads, or whitepapers in each customer’s journey.
  • Measure the effectiveness of your campaigns across the whole customer journey.
  • Find out which customer touch-points are most effective.
  • Optimize campaigns across search, social, mobile, and other channels, in order to ensure that marketing spending delivers the highest ROI.

Enhanced budget allocation through the predictive analysis:
  • Predict future trends.
  • Decide what tactics and content you should develop in the future.
  • Find an ideal distribution for budget across campaigns and channels.
  • Increase campaign profitability.

Efficient media monetization:
  • Maximize ad rates and ROI for publishers and advertisers by identifying the best combination of target audience segments and digital channels.
  • Know how to reach the right customer with the right offer at the right time, through the right channel.

Master customer intelligence:
  • Get seamless data connection from all customers' touchpoints to deliver the best insights.
  • Compare performance across various marketing channels and campaigns - on one single dashboard.

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