ETL tool: data transformation from all sources

How the ETL process works:

  1. Connect and manage all your data sources in one single tool in the cloud or on-premise.
  2. Create your own clean data stack. Adverity Datatap is equipped with powerful data normalisation, calculation and clean up functionalities.
  3. Utilise automatically updated and cleaned data in any destination platform or tool.


Adverity DataTap - Marketing Intelligence Platform

Marketing data is generated and lives in endless places – from vendors to agencies, from cloud platforms to internal marketing systems. Leverage Adverity Datatap as your ETL tool (Extract, Transform, Load) to manage the data integration process from all these sources. Automated, flexible, reliable and secure.


  • Pre-built connectors to all your favourite marketing, analytics and ecommerce tools
  • Standardized database and spreadsheet integration
  • Powerful transformation and calculation engine
  • Data quality monitoring system
  • Data provisioning to any destination


  • Clean integrated data stack
  • Increased data quality and granularity
  • Full control over your data
  • Fast integration of any data from any source
  • Scalable and flexible

Integrate all your marketing data with our ETL tool

Collect your data from virtually anywhere

Either using our extensive data connector library or our flexible API-like connector builder.

API connectivity

Explore Adverity DataTap's extensive API library

Integrate data using our extensive library of preconfigured connectors. You can connect all sources provisioned by the API without having to use a single line of code. We maintain our data connector library – meaning there’s no groundwork required from you.

Datatap FLEXconnect

Data integration from any source

Build API-like connections for data sources that do not supply an open API. Ingest reports and files on marketing spend, performance data or any other aspect you wish to analyse. Once connected, you can setup automation to make that data available for further use.

No matter how it looks

Data integration (ETL) for any file format

Datatap can process any type of data or format. That’s our guarantee. No matter whether data is provided in structured spreadsheets, unstructured and complex Excel files, .json or .xml or any other file type.

No matter where it lives

Connect data from all sources

Datatap can collect data via email or directly from databases, FTP, REST, feeds, web services or internal applications. Wherever there is a possibility to extract data, Datatap can manage the process from start to finish.

No matter how it changes

Extract Transform Load (ETL) for any data source

Given that APIs change so often, datasets generated from marketing data are often highly dynamic and volatile. Datatap easily adapts to changing data by automatically adapting the data model. This makes leveraging marketing data a more harmonious process.

Schedule and automate your data acquisition to whenever suits you best and how often you wish to use it. Use predefined templates or configure your own to collect the exact data you need. The flexibility is limitless.

The most powerful and flexible data transformation engine

Data acquisition and harmonisation

Adverity Datatap is natively attached to the data collection process. This allows you to maximise the value of your marketing data.

As an advanced ETL tool, Datatap is able to join data from different sources, enrich it with more information and apply rules to certain data segments. Choose from a wide variety of functions to create a clean, normalised, accurate and aligned dataset. What’s more, your datasets will be continuously updated in real-time as new data becomes available.

The reality is that marketing data is often messy and inconsistent. The same campaign might be given different names between channels and data sources. Adverity Datatap applies marketing specific rules, as well as your own business rules and conventions to effectively blend different data streams.

Datatap’s calculation engine scales down the amount of data, reduces load on target data consumers and simplifies your data model. Once configured, you set Datatap to auto-pilot and enjoy the show. You’ll be notified whenever any further action from you is required.

ETL Platform - Efficient data integration and harmonisation

Provides a clean and complete data stack

Adverity Datatap ETL Platform - Efficient data integration and harmonisation

It is important that you do not have any blind data spots within your analysis, as a result of missing data, failed data imports or incoherent data. Fortunately, Datatap automatically sheds light on these areas. The ETL process detects discrepancies and provides you with an integrated overview of what data is available on the platform at any time. Setup alerts and business rules on what has to happen whenever an issue with the data is detected.

A clean data stack has many applications. Firstly, you can use it directly with your favourite third-party business intelligence tools. It’s also possible to apply your clean data stack to econometric models, populate your enterprise data warehouse or explore and visualise the data with Adverity Insights.

Datatap can ship data to any kind of target system, either in real-time or through scheduling. Whether it be file-based, via API or direct database ingestion, Datatap is the perfect ETL tool to power the application of your choice.


An extensive selection of pre-built data connectors allow you to integrate data from popular marketing applications, databases, big data platforms and even Excel spreadsheets.

The flexibility of the connectivity layer allows users to onboard completely new data sources or even a whole data ecosystem in next to no time.

ETL tool with an extensive API connector library

Leverage your clean data stack with your tool of choice

Ship data to any destination, including Google Data Studio, Tableau, PowerBI, Snowflake, Qlik, Amazon Redshift, Amazon Web Services and Google Big Query.

Send your clean data stack to any BI tool or data warehouse

Hosting options

You can choose whether to process and store your marketing data on our highly dependable, fast and secure cloud infrastructure or deploy Adverity on your own servers. We’re able to ship your data to any data warehouse or database.

ETL Tool: Cloud or On-Premise
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