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If you're wondering how long it's going to take you to see the financial rewards of investing in Adverity's integrated data solution – look no further!

Quickly calculate your expected return on investment from purchasing Adverity's solution with this ready-to-use tool. We will also let you know about possible cost savings on your data management process and let you share the resulting info with your colleagues.

Not the results you were expecting?

Not to worry. There are plenty of factors that impact how much you are likely to save by automating your data integration and our Data Integration ROI calculator is a simplified analysis. While every effort has gone into making this calculator as accurate as possible, these numbers should be seen as a general indicator.
To get a custom calculation or a more detailed and accurate understanding of how Adverity can help you reduce the cost of data management, book a call with one of our advisors.

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How are my results calculated if I add “not sure” in a certain field?

Don’t worry if you cannot answer all the questions. The calculations utilize industry standards as well as our experience working with a range of clients to fill in any gaps and give you an approximate figure.

How much does data integration with Adverity cost?

For more information on our packages, please refer to our pricing page.

Am I guaranteed to get the calculated data integration ROI and see the results promised?

The ROI calculator provided is for informational purposes only and should not be considered as professional financial advice.

The numbers are based on our market knowledge. We do not commit to the numbers shown in the calculator and provide them as an overview of the potential ROI and cost saving. Your company’s ROI and savings would depend on the chosen Adverity pricing package, as well as other factors, such as efficient management of your data team, and data governance processes.

What is the Data Integration ROI calculation based on?

The Data Integration ROI calculator is based on a wide range of factors including industry standards, average salaries, and the in-depth knowledge and experience of our data integration experts here at Adverity.