Data integration for Google Data Studio

The easiest way to integrate and harmonize data from all your marketing sources, and visualize it in dashboards made in Google Data Studio.

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The setup process couldn’t be easier

Set Google Data Studio as a passive destination

Setup a Data Stream

Select Google Data Studio as a passive destination in Adverity

Authorize the connection

Authorize the Connection

Use your login credentials in Google Data Studio to establish the connection

Confirm connection between Adverity and Google Data Studio

Confirm the Connection

New data will be made available automatically – according to your scheduling preferences

Automated data connectors for all your marketing tools

Google Data Studio dashboards. Powered by Adverity.

Create holistic reports and get meaningful insights

Connect cross-channel campaign data for deeper insights into your marketing and sales performance. Only with Adverity are you able to get a truly comprehensive overview of how your campaigns are translating into results.

Stop logging into different platforms and manually crunching data. Accelerate your marketing data intelligence with Adverity.

ETL for Google Data Studio
ETL for Google Data Studio

Automated data integration from your favorite marketing tools

Thanks to our powerful transformation engine, Adverity provides cleaned data, from all your sources. Harmonized data allows users to immediately explore their data and uncover powerful new insights into their marketing performance. Connect past siloed data streams and present multiple sources within the same widget.

All your data automatically available in one place. No manual data wrangling.

Loved by data-driven brands and agencies

“Thanks to the amazing guidance of the Adverity customer service team, we produced impressive results within just a few weeks. We were very impressed and ultimately decided on a long-term collaboration with Adverity.”
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Aleksandr Zolotukhin reBuy
“Adverity is able to prove their excellence in leveraging the big data needs for a highly agile company. Their ability to provide cleaned and harmonised data - in a very transparent way - caused a huge spark in our productivity”
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David O'Neill MediaCom
“The advantages of having a specialised platform like Adverity quickly became clear: we were immediately convinced by the professional API management and the optimised data quality.”
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Maximilian Nierhoff Fashionette

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