Import Data from all Your Marketing Sources into Google Sheets

Adverity provides effortless integration and transformation of all data sources. Load your harmonised datasets to explore and visualise your cleaned datasets in Google Sheets.

Google Sheets Data Integration Tool

What is Google Sheets?

Google Sheets is a collaborative spreadsheet solution, which allows users to work on the same document simultaneously. As a free service, Google Sheets provides a convenient outlet for exploring and visualising data with a number of different chart options.

Powerful automated data integration from all sources

Adverity’s powerful data harmonization capabilities ensure that any data loaded into Google Sheets will be provided in a consistent and immediately workable format. Put highly granular data at your fingertips – without using any coding! Adverity allows you to connect previously siloed data streams. Empowering you to go deeper into your analysis than ever before.

Data integration and visualisation software
Create reports and generate unprecedented insights

Generate shareable marketing and sales reports with colleagues and stakeholders

Adverity’s platform works seamlessly with Google Sheets. By leveraging your data to one central platform, there’s no need to log into multiple platforms to get access to your data. With your data ready to be explored, visualised and presented in easily digestible dashboards and reports.

Users can expect a significantly more efficient and dynamic approach to reporting. Gain more actionable insights and a complete overview of marketing and sales performance.

Adverity has automated all our data needs – reducing manual data collection to a minimum. This way we can spend our time analyzing data instead of collecting it.

Frank Buitelaar, Business Intelligence Manager Data & Technology at Mindshare


Our client list continues to grow…

Our growing clientele includes many leading advertisers, agencies, SMEs and ambitious startups.

Seamless connectivity to all your favourite data sources


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Strategic Playbook for Data-driven Agencies

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MediaCom Data Integration Case Study

Read how MediaCom, one of the world’s largest media agencies, improved their efficiency in client reporting and analytics by 75%.

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Automated Data Integration for the Online Retail Industry

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