A Guide to Audience & Engagement Analytics for the Media and Entertainment Industry

Audiences & Analytics

In this playbook, we take a look at some of the key trends facing the M&E industry and the crucial role data analytics will play in how businesses engage with and track their audiences for decades to come.

Understanding your audience

Audience behavior is becoming increasingly complex. There is more content than ever before, across more channels than ever before, and more devices upon which to consume that content than ever before.

And, because of this, audiences are more demanding than ever before.

Some quick stats...

3h 46m

Average time a US adult spends on their smartphone each day


The % of US adults who get news on a smartphone, computer or tablet


The churn rate for OTT services in the US Q1 2020 – up 6% YoY

2.2 Trillion

The number of global on-demand audio song streams in 2020


Average monthly US household spend on streaming services in Dec 2020


The estimated worldwide eSports audience in 2020

Audience Analytics in Practice

Here’s how the Philadelphia 76ers used advanced analytics to understand their audience and how it has changed during COVID-19.

76ers Case Study

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