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Proactive Dashboards

Enhance your dashboard by connecting to Adverity’s advanced analytics and start predicting future performance.

  • Get real-time notifications for campaign optimization directly in your dashboard
  • Spot growing trends and reallocate your budget to improve ROAS
  • Proactively gather insights to achieve the optimum utilization of budget
  • Uncover key anomalies and identify risks before they become problems
  • Dramatically decrease manual effort analysis

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What can I do with Proactive Dashboards?


Identify a specific audience segment that is performing well within or across campaigns

For example, easily identify that a particular Facebook campaign performs exceptionally well in terms of the conversion rate for women aged 18-24. Armed with this knowledge you can then narrow your targeting and get the best possible ROI.

Quickly see and react to trends across different metrics

For example, you could discover a growing trend in CPM for a specific placement or campaign which would indicate increased competition in the market. This allows you to re-evaluate and adjust your marketing strategy and improve campaign effectiveness.


Get immediate alerts if any issues arise that impact your campaigns

For example, you can quickly spot issues such as a rejected credit card or a malfunctioning pixel. Such issues have a significant impact on your campaign performance and are difficult to find via standard analysis. Proactive Dashboards immediately alerts you to any such issues, enabling you to immediately get back on track.

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