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Advanced data visualization and dashboarding software

Adverity Insights was specifically built for marketers and agencies to stay ahead of the curve. Customised dashboards provide you with a real-time overview of your marketing and business performance. Connect the right data in the right dashboards for the right people.

The times of endless data-wrangling in spreadsheets are gone forever. Adverity offers so much more than a few shiny charts. Click, not code, your way to compelling marketing insights within seconds. Employ unlimited dimensions, metrics and custom KPIs to measure what you’re managing.

Our state-of-the-art intelligence solution lets you easily break down your silos and connect, join and blend your data – making it the perfect tool to uncover the true drivers of your success.

All data from different sources at one place to get a holistic view of all KPIs. Adverity allows us to monitor the performance of different campaigns across different platforms and helps us to steer the KPIs immediately and also share them with the people in charge right now.

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Built with our marketing DNA

Data-driven professionals need the right tools to plan, monitor and report on their marketing activities. Adverity Insights was specifically built to empower you and your teams to make number-driven decisions based on your marketing and business data.

Create a holistic view of your activities across departments, clients, campaigns and channels. Visualizing your marketing activities, increasing transparency and skyrocketing ROI has never been easier.

Marketing DNA

Stunning visualizations in powerful dashboards

Leave no stone unturned with interactive dashboards that let you create beautiful graphs with the right KPIs and drill-downs in minutes. Visualize your data with an intuitive drag & drop interface, tell exciting stories with your interactive dashboards and share them with the right stakeholders.

Increase the transparency in your organization exponentially and empower everyone to make better decisions. Customized templates, white-labelling options and the best-in-class user-rights management make Adverity Insights the best choice for any business.

Actionable insights at your fingertips

Uncover the best insights intuitively by blending, joining and combining all types of dimensions and metrics in your visualizations.

Adverity Insights gives you limitless freedom to explore your data, create custom multi-level KPIs and make complex calculations – beyond any spreadsheet capabilities. This is the fastest way to uncover cross-channel insights to improve campaigns on the fly.

Actionable insights at your fingertips


This is why we’re exceptionally good at what we are doing:

KPI Framework

Standardized KPI framework.

Multi-channel marketing reports with unified data in a central location - the ultimate way to add value to your data.

single source of truth

Single source of truth.

Transform a holistic 360-degree view to a granular drilldown with a simple click. Every employee benefits from data democratization.

agility and transparency

Agility & transparency.

Accelerate your decision making based on high-quality data. Difficult questions will be easier to answer than ever.

Drive transparency, efficiency and action with automated reports

The right data for the right people – when they need it. Reduce the demand on your teams, increase their efficiency and build trust with automated reports. It’s time to put an end to manual reporting process with spreadsheets and useless presentations.

Adverity Insights it the perfect solution for teams and agencies of any size that wish to collaborate more effectively and grow their business together.

Drive transparency and efficiency
granular user rights

Granular user-rights and access management

By setting specific permissions for users, you are able to manage what each can access, view, share or download.

All data loaded into Adverity Insights is presented in a hierarchical multi-tenant structure for which different user rights can be applied. This allows you to set specific access rights according to your business structure – ensuring maximum security for all your data.

Innovative solutions for working with media plans

Adverity provides agencies and marketers with the possibility to work with their media plans in a completely new way. Users can upload their approved media plans to our platform, before adding them to dashboards that allow for easy sharing and manipulation.

Instead of sharing a new file-based spreadsheet after each feedback loop, you’ll be able to share the link to a media plan where all stakeholders will see the updated plan in real-time. Improved business agility through increased transparency. All our clients have benefited from improved ad delivery, faster decision making and better overall marketing performance.

innovative solutions working with media plans

Leading media and advertising agencies trust Adverity Insights

Adverity Insights offers a central hub for all your clients’ data and dashboards – offering immense value for your business.

We’ll support your growth and future-proof business with agency-specific features like mediaplans, campaign monitoring across all clients & vendors against benchmarks and targets. Take advantage of agency-friendly pricing models.

Data Analytics solution for Data Driven Agencies

Hundreds of prebuilt data connectors

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