The most comprehensive data integration technology on the market.

Accelerate marketing data integration

Connect data from multiple systems and send to any destination by automating the data collection, preparation and management processes.

End-to-end data intelligence software

How our process works:

  1. Connect and manage all your data sources in one single platform
  2. Create a continuous stream of business-tailored, high-quality data for everyone in your organization
  3. Utilize automatically cleaned and updated data in any destination and infrastructure

Datatap has automated all our data needs, reducing manual data collection to a minimum. This way we can use our time analyzing the data instead of collecting the data.

Frank Buitelaar, Business Intelligence Manager Data & Technology


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Maximum connectivity

Break the silos and bring all your data into a centralized location. Let our best-in-class integration software take care of all the heavy lifting by automating the entire data aggregation process, without limitations to your sources, volume or destinations.

We’ve got the most complete library of off-the-shelf connectors, which is continually maintained and updated by us – meaning there’s no groundwork required from you.

Maximum connectivity to all sources
Flexibility and Customisation

Limitless Flexibility & Customization

Datatap provides a best-practice data model across all sources out-of-the-box. Slice, dice and customize your data in accordance with your business needs and use our powerful data transformation engine to create a clean, harmonized data stack – without any additional coding and maintenance.

Our highly flexible and dependable solutions can fulfil your most ambitious needs. The perfect solution for your dynamic business.

Future-proof, enterprise-scale platform

Use this scalable, platform-agnostic tool to power your data analytics across the entire organization – no matter what your IT infrastructure looks like. The cloud enables us to unlock as many resources as possible to offer a high-performance experience. We’re able to support your global business and provide additional sources, destinations, and business units on the fly – without limiting your data volume. With our best-in-class customer success teams, your business is in the best hands.

Future-proof and scalable analytics platform


This is why we’re exceptionally good at what we are doing:

saving resources

Save resources.

No more manual data wrangling, less demand on your teams. This will skyrocket your productivity.

increased data quality

Higher data quality.

Cleaned, harmonized data - instantly ready for your analytics. Quality monitoring ensures no more errors.

single source of truth

All data in one place.

Centralized data creates a single source of truth for the entire organization.

Full control of your data

Adverity Datatap puts you in the driving seat for your data. Retrieve data from any given source: APIs, mail attachments, FTP, file storages or data warehouses. We’re building and managing native connectors within our fast growing library and make sure to exploit every bit of data the source offers – no limitations on KPIs, dimensions or metrics.

Pick and choose custom time ranges, scheduling times and define data latency in one UI – for unmatched flexibility. We allow for changes to schemas on-the-fly so your data is complete, in the right format and up-to-date – with intelligent alerts to ensure top-notch data quality. This is the all-in-one data solution you have been waiting for.

Full control of your data

Data security

We take your data security seriously

Protecting our clients and their data is 24/7/365 our main goal. We took every imaginable step to secure your data and make sure, it is where it belongs: in your hands. With best-in-class encryption, default 2FA, GDPR-compliance and a wide-ranging user rights management, we want you to feel and be safe.

Additionally, we won’t be storing any API passwords on our end – each and every data source will be authenticated by your teams once and forever, making your business immune to breaches. Being in control of the full process is our commitment to the growth and protection of your business.

Leading media and advertising agencies trust Adverity Datatap

Adverity Datatap offers a central hub for all your clients’ data. Create immense value for your business, support growth and future-proof your organization with agency-specific features. Agencies can effortlessly and efficiently onboard new clients, new data sources and new destinations.

What’s more, we do not charge for the number of clients or users created in Adverity and our agency-friendly pricing model means scaling your operations is cost-effective and straightforward.

Data Analytics solution for Data Driven Agencies

Hundreds of prebuilt data connectors

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