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Compared to Datorama, Adverity is a more dependable platform better designed to excel with your business.

  • Datorama is a BI tool that offers a standard solution made for users with a more technical background, and a straightforward approach to viewing their data. 

  • Adverity is a flexible platform that has easily migrated customers looking to grow from Datorama. With a dedicated team of experts meeting more than just their needs, Adverity is committed to offering businesses more time to make impactful data-driven decisions with quality data. 


Who should use Adverity?

  • Teams from businesses of all sizes who want to advance their insights with excellent support and documentation.
  • Fast-paced businesses that need real-time data from a wide range of connectors.
  • Data-driven teams of all levels looking for easy to follow data transformations

Who should use Datorama?

  • Teams who are looking for a simple BI tool with standard connectors.
  • Experienced teams with prior knowledge of coding languages.
  • Teams well versed in the similar platforms looking to simply build and share dashboards.


Did you know?

Adverity's support team has an 80% responsiveness rate within the first 8 hours of any customer request!

How customers perceive both solutions

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Ease of doing business with



Quality of support








Not enough data available

Multichannel tracking


Not enough data available

*Collected from, June 2021

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Need to migrate from an existing tool?

Don't worry. With Adverity, migration is hassle-free, backed by expert support and implementation teams dedicated to ensuring a seamless experience for your business. 

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