Who is Adverity?

Back in 2015, our founders set out to change the world of marketing by bringing a solution that would enable marketers to become more data-driven and easily optimize their campaigns.

Today, Adverity is a fast-growing team with offices across the globe bringing the advantages of automated data integration and intelligent analytics to hundreds of renowned brands, agencies, and businesses.

Our mission is to empower marketing and eCommerce business users to effortlessly leverage all data and turn it into powerful insights, decisions, and actions.

We believe in the power of data to transform marketing efforts everywhere. Our goal is to bring the benefits of advanced data-driven insights to analysts and marketers alike and enable them to maximize the impact of their efforts, optimize their ROI, and demonstrate their value on the company’s bottom line.

Our executive team

Our executive team comes from multiple technology and marketing backgrounds united in their passion to revolutionize the way companies work with marketing data.

  • Alexander Igelsböck

    Chief Executive Officer
  • Andreas Glänzer

    Chief Operating Officer
  • Martin Brunthaler

    Chief Technology Officer
  • Harriet Durnford-Smith

    Chief Marketing Officer
  • Christina Schlesinger

    Chief Customer Officer

Interested in joining us?

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Our offices