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    Our story began in early 2015. A big part of our team had been working in the agency business for years and we knew the industry pains by heart. The daily business of many marketing and agency executives seemed all too similar: after completing the well-known processes of media strategy, planning and buying, marketers typically had to shift their focus towards compiling spreadsheets for different stakeholders during campaigns and optimisation phases. A highly burdensome and labour-intensive task, distributing daily reports each tailored to their specific audiences is a tedious undertaking for any marketer - more still, it's one that's prone to errors.

    With the growing number of digital marketing possibilities, we concluded long ago that this was not the way forward for us, agencies or marketers.

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    The time had come to free marketing departments from the shackles of having data bound to hundreds of spreadsheets and reports. It was our belief that modern marketers need to understand and manage the data acquisition and harmonisation processes, apply client-specific logics before thinking about visualisation, calculation, interpretation and presentation.

    The birth of Adverity was realised when its three founders - Alexander Igelsböck, Martin Brunthaler and Andreas Glänzer - set out to fill this technological gap with their vision to revolutionise data-driven marketing. Only a few years later, the company has grown exponentially and now boasts dozens of happy clients. And their vision of an automated platform, which unifies all your marketing data and built specifically with marketers and agencies in mind, continues to prove its worth.

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    Adverity's executive team includes experienced, entrepreneurial minds with various tech backgrounds. They're passionate about revolutionising the way our clients work with their marketing data and trusted by some of the largest companies in this field.

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    Adverity has received financial investments from aws Gründerservice, Felix Capital, Sapphire Ventures and Mangrove Capital Partners. Similar to our leadership team, Adverity's board members are highly experienced veterans in their respective fields.

  • Our

    We want to revolutionise the marketing world with smart data.

    Adverity was founded on the belief that data can radically improve how brands and customers connect, understand and interact with each other. Our goal is to power the next generation of marketers with a clear understanding of how they are contributing to their companies success by delivering the big picture of marketing to their fingertips.

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    We believe in your potential. As a fast-growing, diverse team we're always on the lookout for passionate people who want to contribute to our growth and success.

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