Struggling to bring disparate data sets together?

Frustrated by inconsistencies in your data hindering your analysis?

Finding it difficult to get everyone in your business working from the same data? 

Adverity is here to help

Operate from a single source of truth

Map data from more than 600 different sources into a standardized format, eliminating the complexity of managing disparate data sets. Automated data mapping ensures everyone on your team is making decisions based on the same consistent, reliable data.

Save time and scale efficiently with automation

Save your team hours of time on manual data processing, allowing them to focus on strategic analysis and optimizations. Adverity can adapt  to your evolving data needs, ensuring a seamless, efficient data mapping process regardless of scale.

Achieve consistency and accuracy in your data

When you trust your data, you can act quickly and decisively, giving your business a competitive edge. Integrate data from all your different marketing sources with complete confidence in uniformity and data quality.  

"We are now getting significantly better data, significantly faster—a true game-changer for us."

Lucas Riedberger

Media Director, Marketing, Dassault Systèmes


The ultimate data mapping tool for marketers 

Connect to more than 600 data sources

A market-leading library of over 600 data connectors allows you to seamlessly extract and consolidate data from all your important marketing sources, making it easier than ever to bring all your data together in one place.

Say goodbye to inconsistent data

Eliminate the frustration of inconsistent data and enable more accurate and reliable insights with schema enforcement. Advanced data transformation ensures all your data aligns with the correct format and standards.

Easily create additional fields from your data

Dive deeper into your data and uncover fresh insights with the ability to create new, filterable dimensions and fields from existing values in your data, and join data sets. 

Data Dictionary

Improve data democratization by providing transparency and clarity on how each of your data fields is being mapped, and use advanced features to create new calculated metrics from your existing data.  

Map data to target fields effortlessly

Data mapping no longer needs to be a complex task. Easily visualize and manage the relationships between source data fields and target fields in your centralized data destination, simplifying the data integration process for your team. 

No more need for manual processes

Replace slow, error-prone manual processes with advanced automation, and empower your data analysts to focus on more meaningful tasks at the same time as improving your data quality.

Have complete confidence in your data quality

Trust every insight, and make every decision with confidence. Built-in anomaly detection helps maintain your data quality - preventing the upload of data that doesn’t meet agreed criteria, and highlights any patterns or values that are outside of the expected range. 

Improve marketing ROI

With the speed and accuracy of automated data mapping, you empower your team to become more proactive marketers, making faster, more informed campaign optimizations to improve performance and increase ROI.


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