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“Managing user access to our data is complex and time-consuming.”
"We struggle to maintain control over who has access to sensitive data."
"We need a more scalable way to manage data access as our team grows."

“The top three identity and access management challenges are password management, multifactor authentication, and role-based access control”




A suite of data governance features to help you manage your data access

Control user permissions

With Adverity, you've got the reins!
We provide granular control over user permissions, allowing each team member data access to the information required. This fosters a streamlined, secure workspace environment, empowering efficiency and precise collaboration.

Role-based filters

Data access management for each team member can be overwhelming. Say hello to role-based filters! 
A handy tool for managing who sees what based on their role. With the right data access for the right role, you gain a clutter-free solution that scales with your team. That's efficiency redefined.

Robust and secure data integrations

Data security can be intimidating, but not anymore. 
With Adverity, we use fully encrypted and protected API connections for data fetching. 
Rest assured, the integrity and safety of your data is our priority, providing you with a robust and secure data integration experience. 

Reliable and safe data storage

Searching for dependable data storage? We've got your back! 
Adverity offers a secure cloud infrastructure with an impressive 99.9%+ service availability, providing exceptional data access control security. 
Our ISO 27001 certification confirms our established ISMS (Information Security Management System) to safeguard your precious information. 

Complete privacy protection

Worried about data privacy? We totally get it, safeguarding your information and data control is crucial. That's exactly what we prioritize! 
We’re fully compliant with key data privacy laws, including the EU's GDPR. We treat data integration, processing, and storage with the highest level of care and importance. Aligning with best practices, to ensure your data is handled with the utmost respect and security.

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We've empowered countless businesses to improve their data access management. By providing granular control over data access and ensuring secure data handling, we're democratizing data access and helping businesses achieve a new level of efficiency and security.



Mindshare chose Adverity to integrate data from more than 70 different sources across 100 different clients. Data access management was carefully configured so teams could quickly access the data they needed to deliver fast, actionable analysis for their clients. 


The Goodway Group


Working with Adverity, marketing agency The Goodway Group was able to speed up their platform integrations.

This allowed them to spend more time on innovation and optimization of their client campaigns. 


Digital Matter


Digital Matter chose to move away from time-consuming, error-prone manual data integration and worked with Adverity to deliver faster client reporting, more responsive decision-making from real-time data, and a centralized single source of truth with robust data access management.


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