Struggling with inconsistent data across your organization? 

Feeling trapped by data silos that compromise your governance efforts?

Concerned about the accuracy and reliability of your data for making important business decisions?

Adverity is here to help

Operate from a unified, reliable single source of truth

Consolidate data from your various different marketing sources into a single, unified source of truth. 

Eliminate inconsistencies in the analysis of data, improve collaboration, and enable more effective marketing decision-making.

Simplify and centralize the management of data

Eliminate data silos and ensure the right people have access to the right data at the right time. Improve your data governance processes with robust data access controls and centralized data management.

Achieve unparalleled consistency and accuracy in your data

Have complete confidence in the accuracy and consistency of your data, providing a reliable foundation for your important marketing optimizations and strategic decision-making.

“Adverity has enabled us to present and interpret our data in a way that aids cognitive understanding; our insights are much clearer”

Paul Mabb

Trading Manager - Marketing Analytics, Liverpool Victoria (LV=)


Unlock precision in your data mapping with advanced automation 

Securely connect to all your data sources

Save time and effort by seamlessly connecting to more than 600 different data sources right out of the box. 
Looking to connect to local data storage? It’s easy to set up your own custom connectors. 

Streamline data field mapping

Benefit from streamlined and intuitive data field mapping in Adverity’s Data Dictionary. 
Unlock fast, timely access to consolidated data insights and clear visibility into data management across your business.

Have complete confidence in the consistency of your data

Have complete peace of mind in the consistency of data across all your platforms and sources, with data schema enforcement.
Enable more effective collaboration and consistency in decision-making. 

Eliminate manual data errors

Say goodbye to human error in the data mapping process. 
Automated data mapping enhances your data accuracy and improves data governance, helping you to make more accurate business decisions.  

Create additional fields from your data

Enhance the value of your data and unlock previously unavailable insights. 
Quickly and easily calculate new metrics from your data and create filterable dimensions from delimiters in text fields - providing a fresh perspective for analysis. 

Assured data quality and data integrity

Take a key step towards embracing a data-driven culture within your business with automated data mapping. 
Have complete confidence that teams are analyzing data consistently and are making decisions from accurate, high-quality data. 

Enrich your data with ease

A wide selection of out-of-the-box data enrichments and the ability to code your own provides complete flexibility and unrivaled depth to your marketing insights.

Deliver measurable ROI improvements

Improve your data governance with automated data mapping, elevate your marketing decision-making, and deliver significant ROI improvements for your marketing campaigns.


Our clients

A wide range of data governance features to enhance your data management

Smart naming conventions

Smart Naming conventions can enhance your data governance, by monitoring source data before it is imported to ensure it aligns with predefined naming standards. 

You can also use delimiters in your data to create fresh dimensions for analysis - enabling new perspectives and insights for your marketing campaigns. 

Anomaly detection

Stay ahead of the curve when it comes to any discrepancies in your data with Adverity’s advanced anomaly detection. 

Receive alerts when the system identifies any unusual patterns or metrics, helping you become more proactive in protecting the quality of your data. 

Data dictionary

The data mapping functionality in Adverity’s data dictionary helps you turn confusion into clarity - providing a clear understanding of how source data fields are mapped into your centralized data destination. 

Create calculated metrics quickly and easily to enhance your analysis. 

Activity monitor

Improve your data governance with real-time insights into the performance and quality of the data fetches from each of your sources, allowing you to identify and correct errors quickly.

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