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Compared to Domo, Adverity is an easy-to-use platform with exceptional support designed to set you up for success.

  • Domo is experienced in handling large company migrations, but it is reportedly a complicated platform to navigate. On the other hand, Adverity is equally as experienced while also offering a  low barrier to entry and excellent support made for users both familiar and new to data automation.
  • Adverity also has a forward-looking outlook towards platform advancements. This ensures that the benefits offered to the business will continue to advance.


Who should use Adverity?

  • Teams from businesses of all sizes who want a customized tool designed to deliver actionable insights 
  • New and experienced teams searching for a user-friendly data platform.
  • Data-driven teams looking to optimize their campaigns and improve marketing performance.


Who should use DOMO? 

  • Teams with experience in data integration, specifically from enterprise-level businesses.
  • Teams with a technical background capable of setting up new connectors and familiar with similar tools. 
  • Teams looking for extensive visualization capabilities beyond bar charts, heat maps, and scatter plots.

Features compared

Adverity logo Domo_logo
Domo_logo Domo_logo

Excellent - Adverity has one of the largest connector libraries in the market, with over 800 sources frequently maintained and can be easily joined.

Average - Domo provides a broad range of data sources. However, some users have experienced difficulty with the connectors, resulting in the need for assistance from Customer Support.

Quality of Support

Performance reported by real customers on G2



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Barrier to Entry

Evaluation of difficulty for all user's from all levels to learn to use the platform.






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See how G2 users compare Domo and Adverity below. Or check it out for yourself on G2’s website!

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Adverity logo Domo_logo
Adverity logo Domo_logo
Quality of support



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Meets Requirements



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Ease of Admin



*Source: December 2023

Adverity vs DOMO - in depth

What is the size of your company?

Domo caters to enterprise brands that need complex migration. The platform is geared towards enterprise-level needs and may not be suitable for small businesses due to their size.

On the other hand, Adverity offers a scalable solution that grows with your business, and is capable of serving enterprises but also has a proven track record of meeting the needs of companies of all sizes.

Hear from our customers

Where can you send your data?

Domo offers 47 destinations, the majority of which are data warehouses, cloud storage, file-based destinations, and SQL servers.

In addition to these types of destinations, Adverity offers Looker Studio as a direct destination and multiple audience activation destinations including Hubspot and Facebook.

In need of assistance? 

Adverity offers a top-rated support team covering all aspects of the platform, and the in-depth documentation makes it easy for users to find the information they need.

Although Domo also offers customer support, their documentation and support ratings reflect having room for growth. Adverity has received high ratings for both support and user-friendliness, as reflected in positive reviews on sites like G2.


Can you easily pull your data?

Domo users report that connectors are difficult to use, do not always work properly, and occasionally require assistance from customer support.

If a connector doesn't exist and clients opt not to build their own, Domo will build it for them and charge the client by hours spent.

On the other hand, Adverity has one of the largest data connector libraries on the market. Although Adverity users are not able to build their own connectors, the team maintains and frequently updates a large library of connectors.


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In summary

Adverity stands out as a superior choice compared to Domo for businesses looking for a forward-thinking and easy-to-use platform. Adverity excels in providing quality and advanced capabilities, excellent support, and user-friendly solutions for teams of all sizes.

With advanced features, diverse destination options, and a strong user base testimony, Adverity emerges as a more robust and user-friendly solution, ensuring success without hidden costs or challenges.

Need to migrate from an existing tool?

Relax. With Adverity, migration is hassle-free, backed by expert support and implementation teams dedicated to ensuring a seamless experience for your business. 

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They said it, not us!

" I like the possibility of having data from different Datasources in one system. You have a perfect overview of all your campaigns. We also appreciate the help from the support team, they are always trying to solve our problems as fast as they can and try to they put our ideas into reality."
- Mona H., Data Analyst
"Adverity is excellent at all aspects of data visualization (data connection, transformation and visualization)."
Landon P.
" [Adverity] Allows my team of marketers who are not data engineers to extract and transform data without having to learn python. 
- Kara A.

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