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Adverity’s data intelligence solutions empower brands by giving them a central hub to view and understand their historically siloed data from marketing to e-commerce and more. Our solutions allow our brand clients to derive actionable insights to maximise engagement, customer conversion, brand loyalty and awareness.

Benefits at a glance

  • Automated real-time integration of data from all sources. This means users can quickly produce high-quality marketing and sales performance reports.
  • Huge gains in efficiency and reduced strain on IT and marketing departments. This all through professional data management.
  • Efficiency gains allow you to better focus resources. Generating actionable insights to improve marketing and sales performance.
  • Dashboards and visualisation widgets can be easily customised. Share them with different users and departments.
  • Automated analyses of highly granular data through an extensive selection of KPIs.

  • No more switching between multiple accounts and platforms to get access to data.
  • Maximum transparency resulting from data democratisation. This permits fast data-driven decision making across your organisation.
  • Optimised marketing performance and improved advertising efficiency.
  • Set specific access rights for users to manage what they are able to access, view, share or download.
  • Straightforward onboarding process and comprehensive product training. Attentive customer support provided by Adverity’s Client Success team.

Automated end-to-end data integration

Adverity provides native access to hundreds of data sources. Effortlessly integrate granular data from all sources. This includes media, marketing, e-commerce and CRM platforms you use for your brand’s marketing and sales activities.

Instead, Adverity can process any type of data. Regardless of its format or original source. Our software is equipped with advanced transformation capabilities. Adverity is able to provide a consistent structure for all your datasets. Stripping them of their various formats before cleaning and harmonising the data. Standardisation of your datasets ensures there are no blind spots from missing or incoherent data. Enabling easy cross-channel analysis.

Moreover, this gives rise to users implementing powerful multi-level KPIs. Comprised of many target audiences or data segments within a single metric or dimension.

Only with the highest quality data can your brand identify the true growth drivers. Which will shape your future business success.

Automated data integration
Central hub for your analytics

A central hub for all your data

Unify all your marketing and sales activities under one centralised hub. Integrate online and offline data to pinpoint opportunities to maximise engagement, conversion rates, loyalty and awareness. With Adverity at your disposal, there’s no need to switch between tools to access all your data.

Look deeper across the entire customer journey than ever before! Blend previously siloed data streams. Get a more comprehensive overview of your brand’s business performance.

What’s more, we’ve got all your e-commerce needs covered too. FMCGs can integrate all their product inventory information, including product images. This to ensure easy comprehension which product(s) the data relates to.

By putting all your data at your fingertips, your brand can expect to enjoy huge increases in efficiency. Your team can then better focus their resources on generating compelling and actionable insights improving your return on advertising expenditure.

Continual campaign optimisation

Closely track each ongoing campaign with real-time data. Check how your marketing activities perform against defined benchmarks and goals.

Adverity gives you a complete snapshot to help you. Identify which campaigns are performing well and which ones may need further optimisation or investment. Our marketing analytics software takes the guesswork out of your workflow. Offering you the opportunity to make smarter business decisions from high-quality data.

Adverity provides a highly interactive data exploration and reporting experience. This empowers FMCGs and brands to react quickly to identify possibilities to optimise campaigns. Improve their return on advertising expenditure.

Continually optimise all your campaigns

The advantages of having a specialised platform like Adverity quickly became clear: we were immediately convinced by the professional API management and the optimised data quality.

Maximilian Nierhoff, Head of Marketing Technology


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Compelling visualisations and custom dashboards

Adverity Insights users can create compelling visualisations. These visualisations can be shared easily with colleagues in reports and dashboards.

There’s no limit to the number of dashboards you can produce. It’s also possible to automate their creation for efficient internal reporting.

Dashboards and reports are highly customisable. You can easily apply your company’s branding and corporate identity.

The visualisations and widgets used in your dashboards can display historical data. Or update automatically when new data becomes available.

Add custom visualisations to shareable dashboard
Adverity provides your organisation with a single source of truth

A single source of truth for your entire organisation

Adverity facilitates collaboration between teams. Providing a holistic and transparent representation of your sales and marketing performance. Data democratisation promotes agile decision making. This may have been previously restricted by departmental silos.

You can assign each user access rights according to organisational structures. Providing you with the ability to manage what each user is able to access, view, share or download. By providing greater openness and accessibility to data, your staff stand to benefit from improved understanding of organisational goals and how to best achieve them.

Marketing’s role as a catalyst for growth cannot be understated. Indeed, there is a growing necessity for marketers to provide a complete and transparent measurement for their return on investment (ROI). Our platform ensures that marketers have easy access. All the data they need to prove the effectiveness of their work are provided.

Build a brand that customers love

Adverity is a powerful outlet for monitoring your brand health. Customer satisfaction, competitor activities, sentiment and so much more.

Get a comprehensive understanding of how your brand is received by existing and potential customers. Integrate data from company review websites, social listening platforms, consumer surveys and search engines.

By creating this extra layer of understanding, you’ll gain invaluable insights. These insights will help refine your messages pursued by your marketing, sales and customer service departments. Resulting to better resonate with your target audiences.

Build a brand that is loved by its customers

Trusted by leading brands and advertisers

Brands big and small leverage their data with the #1 marketing intelligence platform

The perfect marketing analytics and dashboarding solution for brands

Convert more website visitors into customers


Identify scope for optimising ongoing campaigns to drive conversions through in-depth analysis of user behaviour.

Flexible hosting solutions available: cloud or on-premise.


Adverity can either be hosted on our lightning-quick and highly secure cloud infrastructure or deployed on your own servers.

Easy-to-use drag and drop interface


An easy-to-use platform that requires no coding knowledge, click – not code – your way to compelling marketing insights within seconds.

Connect all your data under one central hub


DataTap can process any type of data or format. That’s our guarantee. No matter how it looks, where it originates from or how it might change.

Preconfigured data connectors for all your data sources


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