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Digital Transformation in the Telecommunications Industry

June 2020


Adverity webinar with Vodafone at Econsultancy


About the session

Using Insight-Driven Campaign Data Analytics

The pressure is on. Telecommunication companies of all sizes need  to get ahead of the competition by enhancing customer experiences.  

Digital transformation is designed to ensure operators can compete  by being increasingly customer-centric and provide an innovative and agile  digital service.  But 67% of operators are struggling to adapt to the  changing competitive landscape quickly enough.

The increasing demand to analyse and streamline vast amounts of  both online and offline data from multiple call centres and CRMs for the  purposes of more effective marketing campaigns has never been more important.

Join Vodafone Italy’s Digital Marketing & Performance Data Analyst, Emiliano Bozzi and  Adverity’s VP Sales, Sam Madden, where they will discuss and examine how best  to manage these industry pain points, whilst simultaneously enhancing service  levels and reducing customer churn.

Emiliano Bozzi

Digital Marketing & Performance Data Analyst

Vodafone Italy

Sam Madden

VP Sales


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