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Optimizing Your Marketing Plan for the Golden Quarter

September 2021


Adveity panel with Digital Commerce 360

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Every year consumers are doing more of their holiday shopping online. That was especially true in 2020, as the pandemic helped lead to an estimated 45.2% in U.S. ecommerce sales in November and December compared to 2019. Furthermore, ecommerce penetration in the final two months of 2020 jumped to 25.7% from 19.2% in 2019, more than four times greater than the average increase in penetration for the previous 5 years.

Join Heath Podvesker, General Manager, U.S. at Adverity, Jeremy Wagner, Director of Ecommerce at GiftsForYouNow.com, and Ryan Fritzky, Co-Founder and Chief Marketer of Bean Box for a discussion on the importance of marketing data in the busiest quarter for ecommerce businesses.

You’ll learn:

  • What buying behaviors in Q4 2021 will be different from Q4 2020.
  • How online retailers can be agile in their approach to campaign content and timing.
  • How ecommerce businesses can properly utilize marketing data to better identify their core customers, increase conversion rates, improve profitability, and drive CLV.

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Jon Love

Research Analyst

Digital Commerce 360

Jeremy Wagner

Director of eCommerce


Ryan Fritzky

Co-Founder and Chief Marketer

Bean Box

Heath Podvesker

General Manager - US


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