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How Generative AI will fully unlock the true power of the modern marketer

October 2023


How will Gen AI fully unlock the true power of the modern marketer


About the session

  • xx October
  • 4.30pm GMT (11.30 EST) & 10.30 CT & 8.30 PT

Adverity and Forrester explore the Now Next and Future implications of Gen AI on modern marketers.

Hear from leading Forrester Analyst Katie Linford, Principal Analyst, Marketing Operations & Adverity’s VP of Product Marketing Jessica Cardonick as they delve deep into all things Generative AI and the opportunities and challenges marketers face in the Now, Next and Future. 

In this session you will learn:

  • How Gen AI is transforming the traditional role of marketing
  • Best practices for leveraging Gen AI within your marketing team
  • How marketers can drive adoption and communicate across the business
  • What the long-term future of Generative AI looks like within marketing.

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Katie Linford

Principal Analyst, Marketing Operations Forrester

Jessica Cardonick

VP Product Marketing Adverity

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