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Headless-Chicken Marketing: Why Consumer-Centric KPI Setting is Crucial to Organization Success

January 2021


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Marketers are constantly being bombarded with new terminology and varying funnel models, but when it comes to consumer centricity this just isn’t enough. We continue to concentrate on these general categories, such as; brand-demand, touch-tell-sell, REAN etc, but we need more detail than that. While they may enable budget allocation discussions at the top level in boardrooms, for example, they don’t work for a true consumer-centric approach.

In addition, we tend to still operate in departmental and sub-departmental silos, meaning disparate goals which cause a complete disconnect when trying to achieve an overall business objective. To truly be consumer-centric, businesses need to build a strong, cross-organizational KPI framework and enable a full understanding of clear top-down objectives.

By watching this session you will learn:

• Why building and working towards KPIs by organizations is an integral part of their business success.
• Reviewing the challenges to achieve results.
• How to best build a KPI framework to achieve true marketing success.
• Handy advice to move away from a headless-chicken style of marketing.

Jhon Van Der Ceelen

Business Intelligence Director Data & Technology


Fabio De Bernardi

VP Business Development, Adverity

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