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Adverity at #DMWF Global 2022 - Diamond Sponsors

June 23, 2022

Booth 46, Business Design Centre


Adverity at #DMWF Global 2022 - Diamond Sponsors


Fireside chat

About the event

Adverity is proud to be the Diamond Sponsor of #DMWF Global 2022, bringing together the worldwide digital marketing community to tackle the challenges that the digital future presents.

How Can Agencies 'Up Their Game' In The Data-Driven Era?

Data is the new lingua franca of marketing and not only are brands becoming more demanding when it comes to detailed data and analytics, they are also increasingly more data-savvy in their own right with many businesses moving this function inhouse.

So where does this leave agencies and how can they continue to provide the most amount of value to their clients? Our Mitesh Lakhani speaks with Managing Director of Core IE, Ronan Brady, on how agencies can up their game when it comes to data.

Key topics will include:

  • How are client expectations around data changing - and what does this mean for agencies?
  • How can data be best used to innovate and deliver more value to clients?
  • What role does company culture play in becoming a more data-driven agency?
  • Hire or upskill? What role can employees play in all this?
  • If money were no object what would be your first move in the ad tech space?
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