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  • Consolidate all your data while keeping overheads down thanks to our library of more than 600 fully-managed APIs and Webhook Connectors
  • Free up time for value-add activities with automated taxonomy cleaning, advanced transformation templates and centralized views for authorizations and performance monitoring
  • Easily transfer your data to multiple places at once; any cloud solution, your preferred BI tool and to Visualize - our marketing reporting module

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  • Give marketing teams access to and trust in their data thanks to dashboards that refresh instantly and supply full transparency on data completeness
  • Enable marketers to use and create insightful dashboards with self-serve, no-code and governed data access and visualization features designed to showcase marketing performance
  • Minimise dashboard build time and maintenance with pre-made dashboards for the most common use cases and advanced trickle-down templating options

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  • Access powerful custom media mix attribution modelling which allows marketers to understand and optimise their ROI through actionable budget recommendations and simulations
  • Increase team efficiency and reduce operational risks with Augmented Analytics to automatically spot trends and anomalies within your data
  • Advance measurement and contextualize data even further by tapping into industry benchmarks for all marketing datasources

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What challenges does Adverity solve?

Adverity enables you to resolve 3 key data challenges:

  • Connect - Integrate all your data into a single, harmonized dataset
  • Visualize - Get a unified view of your business performance to drive growth
  • Reveal - Discover actionable insights and optimize your campaigns on the fly
How much does it cost?

Costs vary depending on which modules you want to include in your package, how many data sources you want to connect, and what level of support you need.

Because each business is different, we provide fully customized packages for every client. To learn more, visit our Pricing page.

Is there any support included in the subscription?

Adverity provides you with support services during the whole Subscription Term. You can reach us via email or messaging system within the platform, and we are available 24/5 CET/EST.

In addition, we provide you with access to Adverity’s knowledge base articles, videos, and tutorials so you can quickly find solutions for the most common challenges.

How long does it take to go live?

Standard onboarding usually takes between 30 and 60 days. During this period, our dedicated Implementation Manager provides you with the necessary training and Q&A sessions to answer any questions you may have.

Typical topics of the onboarding training include connecting data sources and data collection, data harmonization, transfer to destination, and visualization.

What hosting options are available?

Adverity offers complete flexibility to best align with your business needs and requirements. The commercial model is a standard subscription-based SaaS model.

Supported Cloud Platforms are hosted and managed by Adverity or the Customer (Private Cloud option) and include Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

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