Marketing Data Integration for SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

By using Adverity as your ETL tool you will be able to automatically integrate and harmonize data from all your marketing sources, and send it safely and efficiently to your SAP Data Warehouse Cloud storage.

Use Adverity to extract, transform and load data into your SAP cloud storage

Use our ETL module to integrate different data sources into a single data stream which you can store into the SAP Data Warehouse in the cloud for further processing.

Save on cloud storage by preventing the creation of multiple copies of the same data, which would take too much storage space in your data warehouse.

Data integration and visualisation software
Create reports and generate unprecedented insights

Prepare your data in the right way for all further processing

Break down the data silos in your organization by combining all data sources into a single source of truth, stored on your data warehouse powered by SAP.

For advanced analytics of your data, you can store it on SAP Data Warehouse Cloud and then use it into other SAP products and platforms.

Why you should use Adverity for data integration?

Adverity is an enterprise-grade platform that’s adapted to the needs for organizations of all sizes for data integration and consolidation. Our solution has been designed to grow with your needs, and allow you to successfully scale your operations.

Our rich data connector library and fully accessible API ensure there’s no additional work required on managing data, and we are constantly working on adding new data sources to our list of supported solutions.


The #1 platform for data-driven marketers in all industries

Our growing list of clients includes many leading enterprises, agencies and startups.

A powerful tool to visualize and report on imported data from different data sources.

Robert Nachbargauer, Head of Finance at 123Sonography

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We connect to all your marketing, media and e-commerce platforms


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Adverity Product

Adverity is the #1 platform for data acquisition and visual analytics. Download our brochure to find out why!

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Strategic Playbook for Data-driven Agencies

Learn how to master all of your client’s data and build a future-proof advertising agency, with the help of our free whitepaper.

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MediaCom Data Integration Case Study

Read how MediaCom, one of the world’s largest media agencies, improved their efficiency in client reporting and analytics by 75%.

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Automated Data Integration for the Online Retail Industry

Adverity boosted Fashionette’s efficiency. Read to know how we did it. Download the case study here to find out!

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