API Connectors for Social Media Data

Leverage Datatap to connect all your social media data under one central marketing hub using our inbuilt API connectors.

API Connectors > Social Media

Our huge API data connectors library includes the possibility to integrate marketing data from all popular social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram, and most recently TikTok.

If there’s any connectors that we’ve missed, please let us know and we’ll get them added to our library for when you sign up.

APIs make it possible for one digital platform to interact with another.

Adverity, our next-generation marketing data analytics platform, is powered by APIs, which allow our users to import data from all their marketing platforms.

APIs allow Adverity users to import data from all their marketing tools without any coding being required. Users also have the option to automatize reporting so that their marketing data can be made available for future use.

Leverage our data integration platform to gain access to our huge API connector library and uncover real-time insights into your marketing performance. Book your live Adverity demo today!