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Harmonize and integrate all your data from Egnyte and other sources with our intelligent data analytics platform.

Egnyte API

What is Egnyte?

Egnyte is leading the Enterprise File Sync and Share space. The company provides next-generation software for enterprises to share and synchronize files. Egnyte allows teams to work efficiently with internal and remote users wherever they are and without the use of a VPN.

Egnyte was built to address the file sharing needs of businesses. It handles 100% of enterprise files and use cases for every industry. It allows organizations to collect analytics on how intellectual property is created and shared internally and externally. This allows organizations to gain insights and make informed business performance decisions.

Egnyte API, file sharing and syncing
Adverity and Egnyte

How the integration works?

Our data intelligence platform provides an API data connector for Egnyte, which allows users to connect and create a clean data stack using our ETL possibilities. Our platform allows you to create interactive dashboards to explore and analyze your data.

By combining data from different marketing channels in one single hub, you can get in-depth insights about the products, events, and services that matter most to your business. With our solution, you can analyze internal usage of files to make data-driven business performance decisions.

Main benefits of using the Egnyte API?

Automate reporting

The Egnyte API allows enterprises to focus on the most important work and leaves the recurring work to computers. By using Adverity, any marketer is able to request automatically any Egnyte report.

Gain marketing intelligence

Integrate all your data with our extensive connector library. Mingle your Egnyte data with the data of any platform. Connect data from multiple platforms and gain complete marketing intelligence.

Save time

The Egnyte API automatically sends intellectual property data to your reporting stack. Stop wasting time logging into multiple tools to gain insights.

Discover the best content

Understand how employees use your files and content. You can take action to improve their performance. Determine if employees are able to find what they are looking for.

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