Data integration for TradeTracker

Connect to your affiliate data and combine it with your marketing and sales data, to fully understand the effects of affiliate marketing on your business

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What is Tradetracker?

TradeTracker is an international affiliate marketing platform, that connects advertisers with publishers and provides all the tools for publishers to promote their products and services to all the online advertisers present on this platform.

The platform is active in over 25 countries, and has about 5000 active affiliate programs available to all interested publishers. To be able to deliver the best experience both to advertisers and publishers, TradeTracker has developed a “Real Attribution” model. This model gives advertisers full control in optimizing campaigns and understanding the performance, while rewarding all publishers (or affiliate partners) involved in the complete customer journey.

This unique model for attribution gives advertisers full control over ad spend and overview on their eCPC values, while publishers receive greater value from participating in such affiliate networks and get to a much higher Earnings per Click.

How advertisers use Adverity?

reBuy, a leading reCommerce company from Germany, uses Adverity to make the most out of their data and fully understand the effects of their marketing campaigns on multiple channels. Watch this video to find out how they increased ad efficiency by using Adverity.

Get the most out of TradeTracker with Adverity

We have developed a data connector for the TradeTracker API, so you can automate the reporting on your affiliate campaign performance. Through this API advertisers can get the most important data on the results of their affiliate programs on different publishers, to a very granular level.

By cross-referencing and comparing this data with data from website analytics tools, also fetched and harmonized in Adverity as a centralized reporting and marketing analytics platform, advertisers can establish costs of customer acquisition and ROAS, while publishers can monitor their earnings on TradeTracker.

Through our data connector you can get the most important metrics of your affiliate campaigns, whether you’re an advertiser or publisher, such as Impressions, Clicks, CTR, eCPM, eCPC, as well as key business indicators, such as Order Amount, Lead Count, Sales Count, Total Commission, and many others.

By using affiliate performance data fetched from TradeTracker and combining it with data coming from other marketing data sources, you will be able to fully understand the effects on your affiliate campaigns on your overall sales and marketing ROI.