Data integration for Tencent ads

Collect and analyze in one place the complete performance of your ads delivered through Tencent Ads to popular platforms such as WeChat and QQ

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What are Tencent Ads?

Tencent Ads is a mobile marketing platform that enables you to advertise your products and services on several popular apps and portals belonging to Tencent, one of the most prominent internet-related companies in China.

Tencent Ads allows you to place ads in two of the most popular social platforms in China: WeChat and QQ. Besides these two, you can advertise in QZone, an open social platform that is available also outside of China, and Tencent News Mobile, the leading mobile news site in China.

Tencent Social Ads cover over 90% of online users in China, generating around 16B of daily page views. Precise targeting allows you to target users by location, demographics, interests, keywords, and other parameters.

Ad performance data in one place

If Tencent Ads is just one of many advertising channels you are using in acquiring new customers, having a centralized view of your ad performance would be a great asset. Learn how you can do that with a centralized marketing data analytics platform like Adverity.

Get the most out of Tencent ads with Adverity

Our API data connector for Tencent Ads allows you to fetch all important data related to your ads served on this platform and its mobile apps. The level of granularity is very high, so you can analyze your ad performance in depth and from various angles.

With our data connector you can extract daily performance reports from Tencent Ads, segmented by Advertiser, Campaign, Ad Group, Ad, Promotion, and Creative Template.

If you have conversion tracking set up, you’ll be able to track not only individual performance of ads in terms of impressions and clicks, but also conversions, page views, and app downloads, if you are using Tencent Ads to promote your mobile app.

You can also track some in-app performance details related to your advertised product, so if you are a mobile app or game developer, you will also be able to easily see the return on your ad spend on Tencent Ads.