What is Teads?

Teads is a leading technology provider that sells ads on publisher websites. The ad sales house specializes in selling video ads on websites by premium publishers, such as Apple News, Atlantic, BBC, Bild, Bloomberg, Business Insider, CNN, Die Welt, Disney, El Mundo, El Pais, El Tiempo, ESPN or Forbes.

The company provides users with a self-service platform, which enables advertisers to buy ads in the most flexible way. Inventory can be bought, based on several buying models, such as cost per completed view, viewable CPM for display campaigns or viewable CPV for video campaigns.



Teads Studio

The ad-tech company also provides users with a service to create and optimize their video creatives. This allows advertisers’ creatives to be personalized based on dynamic signals such as time, location, weather, device or target group segment.

Furthermore, Teads Studio also provides powerful A/B-testing features to identify outstanding creatives.

Teads also comes equipped with a real-time analytics engine to analyze campaign performance. If campaign managers want their Teads Connect advertising data in one central reporting hub, the Teads API can help.


What is the Teads API?

Through the Teads Connect API, Adverity can query complete datasets automatically. Our platform enables users to subsequently transform their datasets. Numerous transformation options are available to make it easier to create meaningful reports.

Benefits of using the Teads API?


By using the Teads API connector in Adverity, advertisers can add data about their programmatic advertising campaigns to their marketing dashboards.


The connection allows for two different report types: Managed Service Campaigns and Connect Campaigns


Users can query several metrics, such as clicks, impressions or revenue. Available metrics also include more specialized KPIs, such as video quartiles, viewable impressions or video completes.


Segment your data by all multiple possible dimensions, such as Insertion Order, Country, Browser Name or Publisher Site

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