Connect and harmonize marketing data from Ligatus with our data integration platform

Ligatus API

API Connectors > Advertising > Ligatus

Adverity Datatap is equipped with a Ligatus API connector.

This means that you are able to seamlessly pull data from Ligatus Supply Side Platform. Our integrated reporting solution enables users to get data on a granular level. From now on, web publishers and media owners can manage their inventory of advertising space even better than before.

We are continuously working on improving our integrated solution. So that we are able to help you to achieve your marketing goals in the best way. Whether your targets are clicks, conversions, engagement or others.

With our solution, you can easily follow up on your ad placements. You can measure how well your marketing campaigns are comparing versus plan. With our product and excellent service, you will be sure to generate high-quality leads and maximize your revenue.

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