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Blog / In Digital Touch with Your Fanbase: How to Turn Customers into Fans

In Digital Touch with Your Fanbase: How to Turn Customers into Fans

Global brand loyalty is at the lowest level it's been in a long time. Building a fanbase has never been easy for brands, but a loyal customer base has rarely been as important as it is now.

In a crisis-ridden world where people are inundated by stimuli from advertising, social media, and much more by the second, it is increasingly relevant for organizations to have a fanbase that remains loyal to the brand – no matter what.

Fans are not only supporters of the brand, they carry its message out into the world, are the best and most honest customers, and therefore also ensure the economic success of organizations. 

But how can a fanbase be established and, above all, maintained? A strong emotional bond is a basic requirement, but organizations should not only rely on their creativity in terms of possible campaigns and emotional stories – data is just as important for long-term customer loyalty.

The solution: Intelligent data analysis! In order to really understand their audience, organizations need a lot of data. But they not only need to collect this data but truly understand what these data points are saying.

Brands need to create a place to analyze this data – but this should not consist of copying different reports into one Excel sheet. Rather, organizations need the ability to analyze automated reporting for value-added data and derive valuable recommendations for action from it.

Those who smartly use powerful insights about their customers and know their relevant target group as well as their preferred touchpoints with the brand, prevent brand erosion and successfully increase brand magnetism.

But what does this look like in actual day-to-day practice? Be there live when experts from German football clubs Hertha BSC and FC Bayern München provide exclusive insights into the world of football clubs and explain the role of individual players in the topic of fan engagement and brand loyalty.

You can also find out how organizations are using a data-driven approach to create a cross-channel brand experience on the digital transformation playing field – and turn customers into fans.

The event will take place on May 5th at Allianz Arena, Munich, and will also be streamed live. Register now.


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