Anywhere Operations - the Way to Future-Proof Your Marketing

Leveraging the benefits of Anywhere Operations, where companies join technology, processes and people into a harmonized environment, brings new ways of improving marketing results.

Leveraging the benefits of Anywhere Operations, where companies join technology, processes and people into a harmonized environment, brings new ways of improving marketing results.

Recently we organized a fantastic digital masterclass with Christian Gersmeier, VP Media, Analytics & Innovation, and Sabrina Betz, Performance Marketing Manager, both from Seven.One Entertainment Group. Joined by our very own Chief Customer Officer Christina Schlesinger, they were discussing on how to future-proof your marketing with the use of a methodology called Anywhere Operations, and advanced marketing analytics platforms, such as Adverity. Don’t worry if you’ve missed it, as here are the key takeaways.

Complex customer behavior is influencing the media mix and measurability

The increasing number of channels and devices, as well as the changing behavior of customers, not only lead to a change in expectations, but also to a higher degree of engagement. We know that the time when audiences were a purely passive group of content recipients is over, at least since the advent of Internet 2.0 and social media. We learned that a media plan can no longer begin with print advertising and end with radio advertising.

In addition to advertising in traditional media, the modern media mix also includes online advertising, mobile ads, and a strategy for the social web. To keep an eye on this diversity at all times, it is imperative to constantly monitor and analyze your target groups, the market and the competition, and to select the right media mix to be able to achieve the planned results.

The era of digital transformation promotes the democratization of data

"When digital transformation is done right it's like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, but when done wrong all you have is a really fast caterpillar", wrote George Westerman, a principal research scientist at the MIT Sloan Initiative. What does that tell us? The digital transformation cannot be stopped, so it is more about implementing it correctly within your company.

According to Gartner, the Anywhere Operations model is one of the most important strategic technology trends for 2021 - 40% of companies will have implemented this model by the end of 2023. Gartner illustrates Anywhere Operations as an environment in which "an organization that uses technology, team structures, processes, skills and tools to enable a distributed workforce to use a distributed infrastructure and an ubiquitous customer base."

Anywhere Operations is intended to enable companies to provide customers with the best possible support from any location and at any time with the provision of products and services, while also taking customer service and employee motivation into account.

The end of 3rd party cookies brings a new era of ROI measurement

Statistical modeling has long been used in marketing to provide reliable insights. Relying on statistics, combined with data science, is the way to enable the measurement of marketing effectiveness and an effective budget distribution, both online and offline, in a way which is different from the ones predominantly used today.

And with the upcoming demise of 3rd party cookies, turning back to traditional methods for attribution, based on statistical modeling, might be the only feasible solution for many marketers. This is why Adverity has developed a feature named ROI Advisor, which uses statistical modeling to determine the best-performing channels and simplify budget allocation and decision making for marketers. Combining solutions like the ROI Advisor with the Anywhere Operations model allows companies to be more agile with their marketing operations, and adapt quicker to the changes on the market.

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